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A Revolutionary Social GambleFi Ecosystem

Welcome to The Bet Club (BCLUB), your exclusive Utility Token for unparalleled tokenised perks and gaming in the booming $61 billion industry, projected to soar to a staggering $320 billion by 2033!

Project Snapshot

The Bet Club is a revolutionary betting experience with our social-first GambleFi platform and strategy, that aims to solve the regional and payment challenges faced by traditional gambling and bridging the gap left by unlicensed anon crypto betting sites.

Our community-driven approach creates a vibrant community, transforming the betting experience, prioritising fairness, connectivity, and delivering unmatched rewards for both individual Token holders and the collective Bet Club Community.

Funding Goals

Empowering Growth: We aim to do a small raise and fair launch with taxes for strategic partnerships, user acquisition, DAPP enhancements, and global marketing initiatives propelling The Bet Club to new heights.

Business Model

Sustainable Revenue: The Bet Club thrives on a scalable model where socialisation and product innovation meets profitability. Our revenue streams include our own DAPP, micro games, partner site royalties, affiliate marketing, and freemium model engagement. The long-term goal is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem to benefit all stakeholders.

Market Analysis

Unveiling Opportunities: The online gambling market, valued at $61 billion in 2022, is set to hit $320 billion by 2033. Our niche lies in offering a social-first approach, differentiating us from competitors. With targeted partnerships, industry and marketing expertise combined with a robust user acquisition plan, we’re well-positioned for market dominance.

Token Utility

Empowering Interactions: The Bet Club token, $BCLUB, is the currency that fuels our ecosystem. It grants access to gameplay, competitions, our DAPP, VIP memberships, exclusive benefits, and other participations in our unique social GambleFi system. As the platform grows, so does the utility and value of $BCLUB.

Growth Strategy

Scaling Triumphs: Anticipated growth involves scaling user numbers, expanding partnerships, and Games to increase residual incomes. Strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and token buybacks, ensure a favourable return for all Stakeholders.


Cultivating Adoption: Our strategy involves socialisation, the fostering of brand and community partnerships, with incentives for users through exclusive benefits, whilst being actively involved in the broader crypto community. A well-funded and executed marketing activation plan will ensure widespread adoption and longevity for $BCLUB.

Token Distribution

Strategic Allocations: Token distribution is carefully planned to align with long-term success. Locked liquidity, strategic partnerships, and community allocations ensure a balanced and sustainable distribution, promoting a healthy token ecosystem.

Risk Management

Risk Oversight: Proactive management of risks through regulatory navigation – Our approach to key risks, encompass regulatory shifts and market uncertainties, through vigilant monitoring. We employ proactive mitigation strategies that include diversifying revenue streams, adapting swiftly to broader market changes, and upholding Regulatory compliance. Legal adherence is a top priority and we are work closely with other legal experts..

These answers encapsulate The Bet Club’s unique proposition, strategic goals, and commitments.

Help create a revolution in the GambleFi betting industry!


Traditional gambling has regional, legal or cross border payment issues that has frustrated players worldwide. Leading to the emergence of online crypto betting sites. However many of these platforms focus primarily on the technology and / or payments. Struggling to attract and retain users due to a lack of industry knowledge, community focus, minimal rewards and or marketing and promotions.

The Bet Club Solution

Online Gambling is one of the most profitable industries on the internet.

Evolution of the betting experience, our dynamic, community-driven GambleFi System innovates amidst traditional gambling challenges and crypto betting site shortcomings.

This is the first social implementation of its kind – and the next generation of sports entertainment around Fantasy Sports, freemium gaming and gambling. It’s all about simplifying, connecting and reducing friction with more social fun.

  • Social GambleFi: Prioritizes community, fosters connections and networks over tech-centric only approaches.
  • Betting Site Partnerships: for top-tier gaming experiences, and rewards
  • Community Rewards: Our DAPP creates revenues and betting sites also pay royalties to benefit our token holders and community
  • Winning System: A 360 degree system that benefits punters, The Bet Club, Token holders and Betting Sites.




A Win:Win Model

A social betting ecosystem that prioritises members and rewards token holders in a fair, transparent and equitable manner.

  • The Bet Club connects bettors and betting sites.
  • The Sites then pay Royalties, generating revenues for your Club.
  • Revenues generated go into Token buybacks, rewards, improving and maintaining our ecosystem.

A scalable model that can excite mass audiences, attract top tier gaming partners, driving residual incomes for the Club to benefit of all Token holders fairly.


Nurture a thriving socialization of gamblers, gamers and sports lovers, which is crucial for success at the intersection of Tokenised gambling.

Offering daily prediction gaming competitions, weekly draws, special betting bonus offers, best bets of the day, free picks, parlay predictions, and market-leading loyalty benefits.

Partnering with Global Brands who offer the best gaming opportunities, bet bonuses and residual incomes for our members benefits.

Daily Games

A Daily Fantasy Sports and iGaming Prediction platform that gamifies the sports betting process and turns game predictions into micro games of their own. Combined with Social connectivity, Sports News, Scores, and expert Free Picks, it is the next logical step in the Crypto betting industry.


Rock-Paper-Scissors, Plinko, Lottery, Quiz and more

Global Partners

Top-Tier brand partnerships who can offer the best gaming and wagering opportunities, experiences, Bet bonuses and residual income to benefit members.


The Network effect; The More Partners, and the more players equals more residual incomes generated.

Potential in the Roadmap to add more iGames to the DAPP; Lucky Games, Lotto, Poker, Virtual Sports, eSports or even a full Casino.

Partners & Revenues

Equals Sustainable Reward$

Our Sports Prediction DAPP is ready for launch with both Freemium and Pay2Play options that is a highly effective gateway to betting partner sites.

81% of FDS and Prediction game players bet.

Royalty revenue income from Partner Sites benefits all Token Holders and VIP Members. As incomes are used for LP, buybacks, loyalty rewards, prize pools and bonus benefits.

Simply: More Players, playing our Dapp and Partner gamess = More Income and Residual Revenues.


Online Gambling Market Size: $63 billion set to reach $320 billion by 2033

  • Why Crypto? Cryptocurrencies major use cases are payments and betting due to heightened security, player anonymity, and expedites cross border transactions with lower fees than traditional payment methods.
  • GambleFi Embraces the Shift: fueled by digitization, heightened connectivity, widespread smartphone usage, and cryptocurrency growth.
  • To Spearhead Growth: Our primary sights are set on cryptocurrency sector who are also sports, and online gambling enthusiasts.
  • Targeting: All Betting Verticals including Sports, Racing, Casino, and Lucky Games.
  • Our DAPP: Is a proven gateway to player growth, betting and residual incomes.

The home of Social Gaming, community connectivity and Play to WIN fantasy and prediction gaming. Providing a proven gateway to betting and residual incomes.

Targeted Partners include all betting verticals from Sports and Racing to Casino, Cards, Dice, Slots, Lotteries, Bingo and Lucky Numbers. and Skill Games.


Lottery / Raffles


9 X Sports


Pick Em


Utility Currency of The Bet Club Ecosystem

Daily Games, Lucky Draws, Share in Royalty Incomes, Residual Revenues and Potential for Passive Income in Future Roadmap.


Token holders have the opportunity to become VIP members. Joining our exclusive and highly rewarding VIP community.

The more you Stake, HODL, and/or Play the higher your member level. The higher level, the more free benefits, reward$,

Member Program

A four tiered “member rewards program”, think of real VIP casinos or Air Miles or frequent buyer loyalty cards, as the basis.

Simply participate with game play, HODL, participate, buy, trade, win or earn rewards.

Engaging Activity

Fun, engaging and entertaining social gaming experience.

Freemium, Free2play, pay2play, on FDS, Micro-Games with instant win, collect2win, loyalty games, raffles and more.

Of course there is also sports news, schedules, live scores, wagering picks, expert tips and even live streamed wagering sports.

Proven Tech Platform

Our DAPP for Fantasy Sports and Prediction Games is already built, as is a few Micro-Games and our first wagering Partner Site, provides for revenue generation that powers our buybacks, underpins token value and giving VIP rewards.

Check Out iGaming DAPP

Member Benefits

Do More to Earn More: Players, affiliates, content creators and HODlers all can earn and win well.

However be active and climb the levels for a bigger slice of the rewards action with extra %, earnings, offers, and bonuses.

Simply, active and loyal members are rewarded.

Token Buybacks

Residual Token Buybacks, are directly linked to ecosystem revenues, this almost guaranteed to increase over time as the players grow, and more operators join our program.

More players x more games, partners = more token buybacks.

Reflections / Taxes

Taxes: 3% goes back directly to benefit Token holders.

  • 1% Reflections
  • 2% VIP Members and Affiliates
  • 3% Treasury

Treasury: Development, Game Prizes and Licenses.

What Else Makes This Betting Club So Great?

We are punters ourselves and enjoy punting clubs and so wanted to create a community that can gain benefits from a fairer, more rewarding tokenized system than the current one-way Gambling Site model. Currently, players play or bet on a platform but very little if anything is ever returned back to players and even less is given back to punting clubs or groups or communities from betting sites.It is time to revolutionize that!?

Engaging iGaming activations with expert tips, daily picks and group bets plus all of the news, sport analysis, and advice from wagering professionals.

Rewarding Engaging Entertainment.

No patience waiting for the next sports event? No problem our partners have a fully fledged gambling platform with 10,000+ games, virtual sport and lotto.

Sports, Virtual Sports, Lotto and Casino Games.

Betting Syndicates

Sure to be extremely popular, with expert tips, picks, daily punt and group bets.

Includes news, sport analysis, and advice from wagering professionals on all the daily sports betting events.

Token Utility

Immerse yourself in Crypto’s biggest sports GambleFi entertainment ecosystem, with massive affiliate, loyalty and reward benefits including;

Tiered Reward$ Share in Pharaohs VIP Fortunes
Free Play, Play2Win, Instant Win and Betting
Participate, Play, Bet, HODL to Earn and Win.

Delivering a rewarding experience and a comprehensive sport betting ecosystem.

  • DAPP Fantasy Sport & Prediction Game Platform: The utility token for daily, weekly, and winner-take-all competition opportunities.
  • PLAY AND / OR HODL: Become a VIP. The more you Play and / or HODL the higher your level. Unlock more benefits and passive income.
  • Rewarding: Buybacks, Reflections, and Rewards: To enrich the holder journey.
  • Exclusive Partnership: Access to play and benefit on over 10,000 games, sports and virtual sports betting from top-tier iGaming brands.
  • Affiliate: BCLUB holders can earn from this scalable opportunity.


Token Supply

Total Supply: 100,000,000

  • Sale: 40%
  • Liquidity Pool: 20.5% (Locked for 5 years)
  • Affiliate and Rewards: 12%
  • Future CEX Listings: 10%
  • Marketing/Airdrops: 2.5%
  • Treasury: 5%
  • Dev Team: 10% (Vested over 5 years)

$BCLUB Sale Method

  • Fair Launch (January 2024)
  • Tokens to be Sold: 40,000,000
  • Tokens for LP: 20,500,000

*Note: LP is locked for 5 years
*Team Tokens are vested over 5 years, with 1.5% maximum release per year.


Total Buy/Sell 6%

  • 1% Reflections
  • 2% Affiliate, Loyalty Reward and Prize Pools
  • 3% Treasury: Development, Games, Licenses, Maintenance, Security, Marketing, and Operations.

Note: Marketing includes Partnerships, Promotions, Activations, Influencers, Celebrity Endorsements and other growth activity.


  • 2022/23: Complete. 
  • Foundation laid,
  • DAPP R&D and Ecosystem Planning.
  • Website creation
  • Social build
  • Sports content, live scores, and news updates
  • 1st Half 2024 : Now.
    • DAPP Token Integration, DAPP v2 reveal and also first PVP micro-game.
    • BCLUB Token Sale and Launch Event
    • Affiliate network launch
    • VIP Rewards Token creation and launch on Ethereum chain ($BET).
  • 2nd Half 2024: Future.
    • Mass audience player acquisition marketing
    • Custom Sportsbook launch (subject to community milestones)
  • 2025/26: Rinse & Repeat.
    • Global growth continues, more partners, more games, more players to increase monthly buybacks, and continue revenue growth.

Sports Picks