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Welcome to the Bet Club and our 2023 British Grand Prix betting report. The F1 British Grand Prix is set to take place at the iconic Silverstone Circuit, the birthplace of Formula 1. Known for its rich history and thrilling racing, Silverstone is considered as significant as Monaco but with even more exciting action. With numerous teams and drivers based in England, the race holds a special significance as a home event for everyone. In this article, we will discuss the track layout, betting strategies, winner predictions, and the best prop bets for the British Grand Prix.

Silverstone Track Layout

Built around RAF Silverstone, a former Royal Air Force base, the 3.6-mile (5.89-km), 18-turn layout of the Silverstone Circuit offers a true test for both drivers and their machines. Lewis Hamilton once compared driving at Silverstone at race pace to flying a fighter jet that would have taken off from the airfield in the infield. The track features a perfect blend of high-speed, medium-speed, and low-speed corners, with famous names such as Maggotts, Becketts, Abbey, and the “Esses.” Additionally, the track’s rough surface, combined with its straightaways, creates an ideal platform for assessing the skills of the drivers, the performance of their cars, and the strategies employed by the teams.

Best Betting Strategies for F1 Silverstone GP

While the betting on F1 has been relatively straightforward this year, the Silverstone Grand Prix poses new challenges. Red Bull Racing has dominated the season, winning every round so far. However, they haven’t tasted victory at Silverstone since 2012, despite Max Verstappen’s recent dominance. The race brings added pressure to many teams due to their close proximity to the track, with 7 out of the 10 teams being based in the UK. Similarities in tire degradation and car setup between Silverstone and circuits like Bahrain and Spain further complicate the betting strategies. Additionally, several teams are introducing car upgrades for this race, making it different from previous comparable races. Therefore, the question arises: Will Red Bull continue their domination, or will their decade-long streak of not winning at Silverstone continue?

Best Winner Picks for F1 British GP

Below are the winner predictions for the British Grand Prix, along with their respective odds from DraftKings Sportsbook (at the time of publishing):

  1. Max Verstappen (-360)
    As the best driver in the field with the best car and team, Verstappen is the clear favorite. His performance during Friday practices suggests that he remains unstoppable. Barring any major mistakes or car problems, Verstappen is poised to extend his winning streak, making it unlikely for his losing streak at Silverstone to persist beyond Sunday.
  2. Carlos Sainz (+1600)
    Sainz showcased faster race pace than his teammate in the previous weekend’s race, and his performance is on par, if not better, than his teammate’s this weekend. The Ferraris maintain a slight edge over the Red Bulls in corners, and Silverstone’s layout may offer enough opportunities for Sainz or Charles Leclerc (+1600) to stay ahead of Verstappen when it matters. Additionally, the possibility of rain on Sunday could neutralize Red Bull’s raw speed, favoring Ferrari’s chances.
  3. Lando Norris (+8000)
    A long-shot contender, Norris provides some excitement for the weekend. British drivers often benefit from the support of the home crowd at their home Grand Prix. McLaren’s impressive new livery and car setup, which performed well in Austria, add further optimism. Norris has been improving throughout the season, and if rain enters the equation, it could play to his advantage. A lucky break is needed for McLaren’s lead driver to secure a victory.

Best Prop Bets for Silverstone

In addition to the winner predictions, here are some enticing prop bets for the British Grand Prix:

  1. Alex Albon Top-6 Finish (+350)
    Silverstone is a track where Williams has exceeded expectations since last year. Albon showcased impressive performance during the first practices, consistently ranking in the top three on the speed charts. His car appears stable and competitive through the crucial corners, making it a favorable weekend for Williams at a track they have historically excelled in.
  2. Logan Sargeant Points Finish (+300)
    Despite a challenging start to his F1 career, American rookie Logan Sargeant has been making progress. He demonstrated notable development and secured a convincing P5 finish in FP2. While he has yet to finish in the points this season, his speed indicates a promising return. While this bet carries some risk, the potential for a strong performance is there.
  3. Oscar Piastri Points Finish (+125)
    Another rookie, Piastri, has already achieved two points finishes and came close on a few occasions. With McLaren providing him with recent upgrades similar to those Lando Norris received last week, Piastri has demonstrated top-10 pace during both practice sessions for the British Grand Prix. Given his past success and the favorable odds, Piastri’s ability to finish 11th or better in four out of nine races makes this bet too enticing to overlook.


The F1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone promises thrilling racing action and intense competition. While Red Bull’s dominance continues, the historical records and unique challenges of the circuit suggest the potential for surprises. Max Verstappen remains the favorite, but drivers like Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris, along with rookies Alex Albon, Logan Sargeant, and Oscar Piastri, present intriguing opportunities for both bettors and fans alike. As the race unfolds, the true test of skill, strategy, and the unpredictable British weather will determine if anyone can stop Verstappen’s winning streak.

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