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Welcome to The Bet Club and our MLB All-Star Game edition of this main event following the Futures game and the Home Run Derby. Taking place at 8:00 pm ET, this highly anticipated game showcases the best talent in baseball. Held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, it promises an exciting showdown. To add to the excitement, I’ve created a 3-leg Same Game Parlay with odds of over 18/1 at Sportsbook. Let’s dive into the picks!

MLB Pick 1: Under 7 Runs (+100)

The initial total of 7.5 runs has now dropped to 7, reflecting the expectation of a more pitching-focused game. Over the past 14 All-Star Games, 10 have concluded with 7 or fewer runs. While the hitting will still be impressive, the pitching quality is anticipated to be outstanding. Gerrit Cole represents the American League, while Zac Gallen takes the mound for the National League. Both pitchers are highly skilled, but it’s worth noting that each will only throw one inning before being replaced by another ace. Although we can speculate on the subsequent pitchers, the uncertainty makes it difficult to predict. However, considering the historical data, with the average number of runs during the AL’s 9-year winning streak being 6.89, it seems likely that the total will stay under 7 runs. This under bet is the first pick in the Same Game Parlay, potentially boosting the overall payout.

MLB Pick 2: J.D. Martinez 1st At-Bat is a Strikeout (+270)

In this second pick, I’m aiming for a quick win by betting on J.D. Martinez’s first at-bat resulting in a strikeout. Martinez, batting cleanup after Ronald Acuna Jr., Freddie Freeman, and Mookie Betts, is positioned well to face Cole, considering the impressive combined .421 batting average of the first three hitters against him in their 39 at-bats. Martinez’s struggles against Cole further support this bet. Throughout his encounters with Cole while playing for the Red Sox, Martinez has amassed 18 strikeouts in 43 at-bats, resulting in a meager 8 hits. His difficulty in differentiating between Cole’s fastball and slider contributes to his frequent swings and misses. Moreover, Martinez’s strikeout rate has been exceptionally high this season, reaching 30.3%, placing him in the 9th percentile among hitters. In July alone, he has struck out in 11 of his 31 at-bats while maintaining a batting average of just .194. With hopes that Martinez comes up to bat in the 1st inning against Cole, we can anticipate him being struck out.

MLB Pick 3: Ronald Acuna Jr. to Record a Run (+115)

Ronald Acuna Jr., the standout player from the Atlanta Braves, has been assigned the leadoff role for the National League in this All-Star Game. This marks his fourth All-Star nomination and second consecutive year leading the NL’s batting order. During last year’s game, Acuna Jr. went 1-for-3 with a run in the NL’s 3-2 loss in Los Angeles. It was notable that he received three at-bats, as starters typically have only two. Given his position at the top of the order once again, it is possible he may have a similar opportunity tonight. Acuna Jr.’s first at-bat will be against Cole, and in their limited encounters, he has a 1-for-2 record with a home run against the New York ace. While his subsequent at-bats are uncertain, if he manages to get on base, there’s confidence that the National League’s strong lineup, featuring Freeman, Betts, Martinez, Nolan Arenado, and Luis Arraez, among others, can bring him home. Though scoring may be limited, Acuna Jr. has a favorable chance to cross the plate.


With these three Same Game Parlay picks for the MLB All-Star Game, we have the under on 7 runs, J.D. Martinez’s first at-bat resulting in a strikeout, and Ronald Acuna Jr. recording a run. The combined odds for this parlay are +1854, offering an enticing payout. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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