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Welcome to The Bet Club for all of MLB Best Bet picks and analysis. The Major League Baseball week continues today with a 12-game slate on Thursday 07-06-23, and there is plenty on offer for our betting options. In today’s article, we will focus on our most popular and most successful YRFI (Yes Run First Inning) and NRFI (No Run First Inning) markets. These bets provide immediate results without having to wait for the entire baseball game.

Best MLB Picks Today

We will present the best YRFI/NRFI bets for Thursday’s games, highlighting two matchups worth considering. Additionally, we encourage you to explore all of our MLB picks and parlay for more betting opportunities.

MLB Pick: St. Louis Cardinals vs Miami Marlins: NRFI (-130)

In this game, the Miami Marlins will face the St. Louis Cardinals. The Marlins had a strong performance in the first inning of Wednesday’s game, scoring four runs. However, their Thursday starter, Eury Perez, struggled in his last outing, giving up six runs without making it out of the first inning. Despite this, we believe the NRFI is the optimal bet for this matchup. Typically, after high-scoring games, teams tend to have low-scoring pitchers’ duels the following day. Analyzing the statistics further, we find that the Braves, who Perez faced in his last start, excel in scoring first-inning runs, averaging 1.02 per game, the highest in the league. On the other hand, the Cardinals have a modest average of 0.42 first-inning runs on the road. Additionally, Perez boasts a solid 5-2 record with a 2.47 ERA this season, aside from his lone poor outing against Atlanta. The Cardinals’ starting pitcher, Jack Flaherty, has only allowed first-inning runs twice in his last eight starts, and he has pitched six innings without conceding a run in two of his previous four outings. The Marlins rank second-to-last in first-inning runs scored, averaging 0.34 per game. Taking all these factors into account, the NRFI bet is the recommended choice for this game.

MLB Pick: Texas Rangers vs Boston Red Sox: NRFI (+104)

The second recommended NRFI bet involves the Texas Rangers and the Boston Red Sox. Kutter Crawford will take the mound for the Red Sox, and since rejoining the rotation in June, he has started five games, pitching a clean first inning in four of them. Facing the Texas Rangers, a team leading the league in total runs scored but ranking 10th in first-inning runs with an average of 0.39 away from home, Crawford is in a favorable position to keep the first inning scoreless. Nathan Eovaldi will be starting for the Red Sox, boasting a remarkable 10-3 record, a 2.64 ERA, and a 0.99 WHIP this season. Eovaldi has only allowed a first-inning run once in his last 12 starts. Furthermore, the Red Sox rank 23rd in the league in first-inning runs scored, and their lineup has a combined 2-for-11 lifetime record against Eovaldi, with no extra-base hits. Considering these factors and the fact that the NRFI bet offers plus money, this wager presents great value for bettors.


When betting on Major League Baseball, the YRFI and NRFI markets provide immediate outcomes without the need to wait for the full game. For Thursday’s games, we recommend the NRFI bet for the St. Louis Cardinals vs Miami Marlins matchup, given the recent performances of the pitchers and the teams’ first-inning run averages. Additionally, in the Texas Rangers vs Boston Red Sox game, the NRFI bet offers favorable odds, considering the solid performances.

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