Best NBA Parlay Picks 10-31-23: Expert Parlay Bet Today +1412 


Happy Halloween to all our fellow members at The Bet Club! It’s an exciting night to don costumes, collect candy, and enjoy some spooky fun. But let’s also make it an excellent evening for basketball and a chance to pocket some winnings. Although there are only six teams in action today, that’s more than enough for our experts to put together a tantalizing NBA Halloween Parlay for Tuesday, 10-31-23, with the best picks for today and exciting odds of +1412.

NBA Halloween Parlay Picks for Tuesday, 10-31-23: Expert Parlay Bet at +1412

We have three excellent picks and one of these is our NBA Best Bet of the day, so let’s dive right in, and be sure to explore all our NBA picks and parlays for today’s three matchups.

Today’s Best NBA Bet: New York Knicks -2.5 over Cleveland Cavaliers (-110)

In Cleveland, we have a showdown between two teams boasting 1-2 records as the Knicks and Cavaliers clash for the first time this season. Despite their identical records, their basketball hasn’t quite been on the same level. The Knicks commenced their season with a hard-fought battle against the Celtics, followed by an offensive shootout victory against the Pelicans. Unfortunately, their winning streak was halted after a dismal offensive performance against the Pelicans, where they shot a mere 36.7% from the field and a paltry 18.9% from beyond the three-point arc. Jalen Brunson and the Knicks’ starting five had an off-shooting night at the worst possible moment. On the defensive side, Cleveland hasn’t lived up to expectations, so with just a few points separating the teams, New York should have the capacity to cover their modest spread.

NBA Pick: San Antonio Spurs ML over Phoenix Suns (+230)

The Suns are assembling the latest superteam in the NBA, but they won’t appear all that “super” on Halloween since two-thirds of their formidable trio will be absent. New addition Bradley Beal has been ruled out for Tuesday’s matchup due to an ongoing back injury, preventing him from making his Phoenix debut. Devin Booker is also doubtful for Tuesday, nursing a foot injury, which could leave the Suns relying heavily on Kevin Durant, Eric Gordon, and their bench players. This situation opens the door for a young Spurs team to potentially steal a road victory. San Antonio has shown flashes of offensive brilliance led by Victor Wembanyama, but in crucial moments, their lack of experience has occasionally proven costly. Nevertheless, a strong shooting night could enable Wembanyama and the Spurs to challenge the newest Western Conference superteam.

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NBA Pick: Los Angeles Clippers win by 11+ over Orlando Magic (+140)

While I’m a staunch supporter of the Magic and their underdog potential in the Eastern Conference this season, they will face their first back-to-back challenge. Thankfully, both games will be played at Arena, eliminating the need for travel. However, the back-to-back scenario still factors in rest. Based on recent NBA trends, it’s customary to see one or two star players resting during the second leg of a back-to-back to preserve their energy. This means Paulo Banchero or Franz Wagner could be absent against the Clippers, a significant loss for the offense. In contrast, the Clippers have been nothing short of dominant in their first three games. Heading into Monday night, they ranked fourth in offensive rating and eighth in defensive rating. With an elite starting lineup and an exceptional bench, the Clippers seem poised to outperform a fatigued Orlando team on Tuesday.

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