$BET reaches 7x @ ATH $355k – New ATH Day after Day!

Hello To All The “Old and New” Bet Club members,

I hope everyone is doing well; it’s challenging not to feel excited at this moment. Although we’re just one week old, there’s so much to be enthusiastic about after a successful launch, new members, organic growth and at the time of writing x7 from launch price.

The “JEETS” are out and the majority of holders share our vision, with many not selling a single cent. Through discussions with the top 20 holders, they have no intentions of selling any time soon.

What does this mean for $BET Holders?

It means they will continue to support the chart and the growth of $BCLUB, holding onto those gains and actively participating for an extended period. Our goal is to grow the user base, utility, gaming options and revenues, to provide sustainable revenues to underpin the floor and support the chart growth, player and community rewards.

Aiming to achieve at least a 1000x increase, reaching a 50 million cap, and with active community support and a positive mindset, we have the opportunity, belief and potential to build something even more significant.

When you consider the multi-chain approach, numerous entertainment options, revenue opportunities, and a complete ecosystem layout, the possibilities are truly limitless. We are in the final stages of finalizing this plan, and Ricky and I expect to present it in the coming days at XSpaces.

If you have not heard a recent XSpace talk, check it out here.

We’ve secured a deal with a global betting syndicate and a betting platform where we’ll place these bets. This ensures we don’t deplete our bank, presenting a perfect solution. Additionally, they will pay an affiliate fee for every player who signs up and makes a minimum deposit. These funds will contribute to prize pools, and our sportsbook bank (treasury), and a percentage will be used to buy $BCLUB on the chart.

We’ll announce the partner later this week once we receive some signed documents. Returning to recent achievements, we barely had time to celebrate reaching 200k before soaring to 350k in a matter of hours. This trend will likely continue as we intensify organic growth, add marketing efforts, and finalize the fantasy DAPP, which we hope to complete tonight.

Another thing spurring growth is the “OG’s” from the community coming back and this is a fantastic welcome addition to a solid base.

Our custom TG Casino is set to go live next week for final testing, and we’re also developing some secret product development gems. You often hear inspiring crypto stories of 100 1000x or even 10,000x returns on tokens; here’s a rare opportunity to participate in it.

The Future of Gamble Fi is here – Join The Social Betting Revolution

While the market is currently facing challenges, we’re thriving. Just wait until the tide turns, and the bull market returns. Our membership and holders are growing every day, propelling fantastic chart growth and substantial green candles.

Remember, this is just the beginning; if you’re not in now, join and enjoy the ride!

Thanks for all the great support, especially our great Admins, early adopters, VIP 1% founders, shillers, active holders, creators and HODLers. You have laid a great base, now time to get to work.

Corey Jackson – Founder

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