Risk Statement – BCLUB a Utility Token on the Binance Smart Chain.

Disclaimer: All cryptocurrency projects are risky and volatile and subject to market forces beyond the control of the company, and / or founder/promoters and or any other members of the Team. External factors such as regulatory developments, market sentiment, technological vulnerabilities, and macroeconomic trends may impact the value of any tokenised products and assets. Furthermore, the lack of regulatory oversight and the novelty of the crypto space can expose investors to security breaches, and operational risks. 

The purpose of this Token is for Utility purposes only within The Bet Club project ecosystem. Purchase of this token does carry risk and does not provide ownership of the company, shares, assets, equity or any right whatsoever to any of the business operations, other than having the utility rights to entertainment, iGaming and other offers and services associated with the Club ecosystem. 

Please do your own research, do not purchase tokens with more money than you can afford to lose and complete your own full due diligence before considering if the purchase of this Token or any project for that matter is right for you. Always seek professional financial advice before engaging in cryptocurrency token purchasing activities. 

The founders, promoters and team will not and can not be held responsible for any purchase decision you make, regardless of gain or losses. Remember to invest responsibly, as all cryptocurrencies carry risks and the potential use cases and benefits should be considered carefully as the driver for any decisions and not for speculative purchase reasons. Understand the true value of the token is in the utility it provides within its own community ecosystem.