Indianapolis Colts odds, season predictions and best NFL futures bets Guide 2023

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Welcome to The Bet Club NFL Indianapolis Colts betting guide for 2023.

The Indianapolis Colts have indeed faced challenges in their quest to regain their previous form since the retirement of Andrew Luck. The 2022 season was particularly difficult for them, resulting in a dismal 4-12-1 record and securing a top 5 pick in the NFL Draft. The addition of Anthony Richardson to the roster may provide the Colts with a glimmer of hope as they enter the 2023 season. However, it remains to be seen whether this move will be sufficient to turn their fortunes around or if this year will continue to be as challenging as the previous one, as the Colts embark on what appears to be a lengthy rebuilding process.

As we delve into the odds and best bets for the Indianapolis Colts in 2023, it’s clear that they face significant challenges in their pursuit of improvement and success.

Indianapolis Colts breakdown

2022 record: 4-12-1

2022 ATS record: 6-11

2022 O/U record: 7-10

Key players in: Isaiah McKenzie (WR), Gardner Minshew (QB), Tony Brown (CB), Ashton Dulin (WR), Matt Gay (K).

Key players out: Bobby Okereke (LB), Parris Campbell (WR), Yannick Ngakoue (EDGE). 

2023 NFL Draft class: Anthony Richardson (QB), Julius Brents (CB), Josh Downs (WR), Blake Freeland (OT), Darius Rush (CB), Daniel Scott (S), Will Mallory (TE), Evan Hull (RB), Titus Leo (LB), Jaylon Jones (CB).

Indianapolis Colts 2023 NFL season odds

Odds provided by FanDuel Sportsbook 

Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl odds

At +10000, the Colts are not expected to be a Super Bowl contender by any conceivable metric. Indianapolis is projected to be one of the worst teams in football by the oddsmakers.

Indianapolis Colts AFC Championship odds

The Colts currently sit at +6500 to win the AFC. This puts them at 14th in the conference according to the oddsmakers.

Indianapolis Colts AFC South odds

The Colts are +550 to win the AFC South, putting their odds at third in the division behind the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans.

Indianapolis Colts win total odds

The Colts win total is 4.5 games. Over 4.5 is at -118, while the under comes with -102 odds.

Indianapolis Colts 2023 schedule

Week 1: vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 2: at Houston Texans

Week 3: at Baltimore Ravens

Week 4: vs Los Angeles Rams

Week 5: vs Tennessee Titans

Week 6: at Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 7: vs Cleveland Browns

Week 8: vs New Orleans Saints

Week 9: at Carolina Panthers

Week 10: at New England Patriots 

Week 11: BYE

Week 12: vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 13: at Tennessee Titans

Week 14: at Cincinnati Bengals

Week 15: vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 16: at Atlanta Falcons

Week 17: vs Las Vegas Raiders

Week 18: vs Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts 2022 NFL season recap

The Indianapolis Colts faced a challenging situation last season. They were a team that was too competitive to embark on a complete rebuild but still fell short of being considered a contender in the highly competitive AFC, which boasted numerous talented quarterbacks. Initially, the Colts entered the season as the AFC South favorites, ahead of teams like Tennessee and Jacksonville. However, it quickly became apparent, within just a few weeks, that the Colts were not the team that many pundits had envisioned during training camp.

Starting with a 3-2-1 record, Indianapolis proceeded to struggle, losing 10 of its next 11 games and ultimately securing the #4 pick in the NFL Draft. This marked the conclusion of the Matt Ryan era in Indianapolis, as the Colts made the decision to change direction at the quarterback position for the future. It was a season of challenges and transitions for the Colts as they sought to find a new path forward.

Indianapolis Colts 2023 NFL season predictions

The Indianapolis Colts do present an intriguing betting prospect because their upcoming season is shrouded in uncertainty. With the introduction of rookie sensation Anthony Richardson as their starting quarterback, the Colts are set to adopt a brand new offensive approach. Richardson’s playing style is notably distinct from that of his predecessors, including Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz, and Philip Rivers, which adds an element of unpredictability to the Colts’ season projection.

While it’s reasonable to anticipate that the Colts may face challenges and could be considered one of the less competitive teams in the AFC, there could still be potential value in betting on them to exceed preseason expectations, given the intriguing dynamics at play. The introduction of Richardson and the fresh offensive direction may lead to surprising outcomes, making the Colts a team to watch closely in terms of betting opportunities.

Best bet: Indianapolis Colts over 4.5 wins (-118)

Your analysis of the Indianapolis Colts and their upcoming season, particularly with Anthony Richardson taking the helm at quarterback, makes a compelling case for considering the over on their win total.

The favorable aspects of the schedule and the potential for Richardson to develop into a franchise-lifting quarterback are key factors that bolster the argument for the over. Richardson’s unique physical attributes and the offensive system under Shane Steichen, which has previously benefitted quarterbacks like Jalen Hurts, provide reasons for optimism.

Furthermore, the prospect of utilizing read option plays with Jonathan Taylor in the backfield adds another dimension to the Colts’ offense that could prove difficult for opponents to defend.

In essence, your assessment suggests that even if Richardson faces some challenges in his rookie season, the Colts could still have opportunities to secure additional wins, potentially even in a pivotal Week 18 matchup against the Texans. Overall, your perspective points toward an optimistic outlook for the Colts and a favorable lean toward the over on their win total.

Indianapolis Colts season record prediction: 5-12

The Indianapolis Colts’ schedule indeed appears to be a significant advantage for them, particularly with matchups against the NFC South and their own division, which isn’t notably stronger than the Colts themselves. Expecting the Colts to secure two wins within their division is reasonable, and they have favorable home games against the Buccaneers, Raiders, and Rams, along with away games against Carolina and Atlanta.

However, the schedule also presents challenges, particularly with four games against the tough AFC North teams, which will certainly test the Colts. Your projection of the Colts winning 6 or 7 games if things go well reflects a positive outlook.

Ultimately, you’ve opted for the safer choice with a 5-12 record, acknowledging the uncertainties and potential difficulties that can arise during the season. It’s a cautious but reasonable prediction considering the various factors at play.

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