MLB 2024 Season Picks Predictions and Best Bets: Check out the Longshot at +4000 Odds


Welcome to the Bet Club for the MLB 2024 Season Picks, Predictions, Best Bets and Odds. Check out the expert’s season insights, and all the top picks: Slide into The Bet Club for the 2024 MLB Season! Our panel of baseball experts has meticulously analyzed the team rosters, schedules, training, and recent transfer transactions to present you with the finest early bets, predictions, and picks for the upcoming season.

We answer all the big MLB questions; Will the Braves seek vengeance? Could Juan Soto join the Yankees? Is Josh Hader bound for the Astros? And let’s not overlook the jaw-dropping spending spree by the Dodgers this offseason, reshaping the landscape of Major League Baseball. With just a month until Opening Day after Spring Training kickoff on February 22, the anticipation mounts for what promises to be an electrifying 162-game season through the sweltering summer months.

As the countdown to MLB Opening Day begins, four prominent contenders emerge: the Dodgers, Braves, Astros, and Yankees. Yet, as history has shown, the outcome is far from certain, regardless of the favorites.

2024 MLB World Series Odds

Here’s a glance at the 2024 MLB World Series odds, alongside our top bet and a daring longshot pick with +4000 odds: Odds Courtesy of The Bet Club sportsbook partner at the time of publication.

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers +320
  2. Atlanta Braves +450
  3. Houston Astros +700
  4. New York Yankees +800
  5. Texas Rangers +1400
  6. Philadelphia Phillies +1500
  7. Baltimore Orioles +1500
  8. Minnesota Twins +2000
  9. Toronto Blue Jays +2000
  10. Seattle Mariners +2000
  11. St. Louis Cardinals +3200
  12. Tampa Bay Rays +3300
  13. Chicago Cubs +3700
  14. Arizona Diamondbacks +4000
  15. New York Mets +5000
  16. Boston Red Sox +5000
  17. Cincinnati Reds +5500
  18. San Diego Padres +6000
  19. Detroit Tigers +6000
  20. San Francisco Giants +6500
  21. Cleveland Guardians +7500
  22. Milwaukee Brewers +8500
  23. Miami Marlins +9000
  24. Kansas City Royals +15000
  25. Los Angeles Angels +18000
  26. Pittsburgh Pirates +20000
  27. Washington Nationals +25000
  28. Chicago White Sox +25000
  29. Oakland Athletics +50000
  30. Colorado Rockies +50000


2024 MLB World Series Best Bet: Atlanta Braves (+450)

While the Dodgers boast an enviable lineup and an impressive starting rotation, their odds at +320 may not offer sufficient value for the risk involved. Thus, we return to the Atlanta Braves, a team that showcased brilliance during the 2023 regular season with a remarkable 104-58 record. Led by Ronald Acuna Jr., the Braves dominated, boasting the best-run differential and an impressive record against formidable opponents. With strategic offseason acquisitions, including Jarred Kelenic and Chris Sale, the Braves have bolstered their roster, making them a compelling choice at +450.

2024 MLB World Series Long Shot Pick: Arizona Diamondbacks (+4000)

Despite their astounding run to the National League pennant in 2023, the Arizona Diamondbacks remain underrated at 40/1 odds to clinch the World Series title in 2024. Building upon their successes, the Diamondbacks have fortified their lineup with signings like Eduardo Rodriguez and Joc Pederson, enhancing their postseason prospects. With improvements across the board, including the rotation and bullpen, the Diamondbacks present an enticing longshot opportunity, especially considering their resilience and potential to secure a Wild Card spot.

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