MLB Best Bet Picks and Parlay 10-20-23: Texas Showdown – Astros vs Rangers Game 5


The ALCS is now tied at 2-2 as the Houston Astros have fought back after losing the first two games at home against the Texas Rangers. In the NLCS, the Arizona Diamondbacks are looking to make a comeback after their Game 3 victory against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Best MLB Bet for Texas Showdown Today: Money Line Pick – HOU Astros Win

The Astros’ comeback in this series has been nothing short of remarkable. After dropping the first two games at home, they bounced back with convincing victories in Arlington. Game 4 was all about the long ball as the Astros got off to a strong start. With both teams preserving their primary bullpen arms, Game 5 might turn into a pitchers’ duel rather than a home-run derby. Nevertheless, Houston has the momentum, swinging the bats with confidence, and is expected to prevail once more.

The pitching matchup is a rematch of Game 1, where Justin Verlander and Jordan Montgomery both delivered excellent starts. However, with both teams having seen them before, it’s as if Game 5 is the fourth time through the batting order for these pitchers. Expect runs on both sides, with Verlander possibly giving up some early runs. Montgomery faces a more dangerous Astros lineup this time. The real difference in this series lies in the bullpens, where Houston holds a significant advantage. While Texas may have the lead in the middle innings, the Astros are likely to plate a few late runs and take control of the series. Stick with the hot team with the better bullpen.

Astros ML (-105) available at time of publishing. Playable at that number.

MLB Picks: Game Totals Over 8.5

This series has shifted towards an offensive showcase rather than a pitching duel as expected earlier. With the best starters having had their turns, both the Astros and Rangers are now swinging for the fences. Expect runs to flow in this game for a couple of reasons.

First, both starters are likely to give up some runs. Montgomery and Verlander pitched into the 7th inning in Game 1, but it’s only been a few days, and the hitters will be more prepared this time. By the 4th or 5th inning, the game should see a score of 3-2 or so. Second, the strong bullpen arms are expected to come into play, but Houston is likely to keep scoring. The Rangers’ bullpen has been the weak point in this series, and Game 5 could be where it catches up to them. Although the total may not go significantly over, a 5-4 game seems well within reach. This series has turned into a hitting showcase.

Over 8.5 (-110) available at time of publishing. Playable at that number.

MLB Picks – YRFI & NRFI Best Bets

The YRFI/NRFI market is gaining popularity in baseball betting as it offers immediate results. Here are the best YRFI/NRFI plays for Friday’s games.

MLB Pick_Houston Astros vs Texas Rangers: NRFI (-111)

In Game 5 of the ALCS, Justin Verlander (Houston) and Jordan Montgomery (Texas) will take the mound. Both are strong pitchers, making NRFI a reasonable choice at -111. Montgomery delivered an impressive performance in the series opener, and Verlander has been solid in the postseason.

Same Game MLB Parlay Picks: Justin Verlander steps up at +735 odds

The MLB postseason continues with a 2-game slate of League Championship Series action. Here’s a Same Game Parlay for Game 5 of the ALCS between the Astros and Rangers.

MLB Pick: Astros ML (-106)

The Astros have been impressive on the road in the postseason, and Verlander’s presence on the mound bolsters their chances in Game 5. Verlander’s performance in Game 1 was solid, and the Astros’ offense has come to life on the road. With a better bullpen, the Astros are favored to win.

MLB Pick: Justin Verlander to record 6+ strikeouts (+158)

Verlander has consistently recorded at least 6 strikeouts in recent starts and has a strong track record in the playoffs. He’s likely to reach this mark against the Rangers’ lineup.

MLB Pick: Martin Maldonado to score a run (+150)

Maldonado may be a weaker hitter but has a favorable matchup against Montgomery. With strong hitters behind him, he’s poised to score a run, continuing his recent run of scoring.

MLB Texas Match Up Conclusion: Same Game Parlay odds: +735

This parlay aligns with all its components, making it a compelling choice for this ALCS Game 5 showdown. Expect both strong pitching and run production from the Astros.

In summary, the ALCS has become a closely contested battle, and Game 5 is poised to be a thrilling showdown. The pitchers and key players make for exciting betting opportunities.

We also have a Philadelphia Phillies vs Arizona Diamondbacks Same Game Parlay at +708 odds

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