NBA Parlay Picks 2/27/2024: Lets Go Back to Back Parlay Wins +847

After The Bet Club successfully cashed in on another Parlay last night with odds of +1139, despite having only four games on Monday to select from, our experts are gearing up for another shot at back-to-back wins with an enticing 11-game NBA slate this Tuesday 2/27/2024. With the spotlight on the TNT matchup between the Rockets and Thunder, I’ve crafted a three-leg NBA picks and parlay to seize this opportunity.

NBA Picks and Parlay 2/27/2024

Let’s delve into the best NBA picks tonight:

NBA Pick: Dallas Mavericks ML (+160) over Cleveland Cavaliers

  • As Kyrie Irving returns to Cleveland to face his former team where he spent his first six seasons, anticipation runs high for an electrifying performance. With the Mavericks coming off a defeat against Indiana, they’re eager to bounce back, especially considering their stellar defensive form during a recent seven-game win streak. Holding opponents to a mere 34.7% from three-point range in their last three games, the Mavericks are poised to stifle the Cavaliers’ offense.
  • While the Cavaliers managed to snap a two-game post-All-Star break slide with a win against Washington, concerns linger following losses to a Joel Embiid-less Philadelphia 76ers team. Their struggles against the spread, coupled with a poor home record against the Mavericks, suggest a favorable setup for Dallas. Expect stars like Doncic and Irving to prevent a repeat season sweep by the Cavaliers.

NBA Pick: Golden State Warriors -10.5 over Washington Wizards (-110)

  • Despite a recent loss to Denver, largely attributed to fatigue, the Warriors remain a formidable force, especially against struggling opponents like the Wizards. Having already triumphed over Washington earlier in the season, Golden State is poised for redemption. With Washington enduring an 11-game losing streak, including three post All-Star break losses by an average margin of 21.2 points, the odds heavily favor the Warriors.
  • Led by the unstoppable Stephen Curry, who dominated with 30 points in just 27 minutes in their previous encounter, Golden State is primed to exploit Washington’s defensive vulnerabilities. With the Wizards seemingly destined for a tanking season, the Warriors are set to capitalize on this mismatch.

NBA Pick: Oklahoma City Thunder -10 over Houston Rockets (-110)

  • Following a convincing victory over the Rockets on Sunday, the Thunder enter this matchup riding high on a five-game win streak. Spearheaded by Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s stellar performance, they’ve emerged as serious contenders in the West, boasting an impressive 40-17 record. Furthermore, their profitability against the spread in home games underscores their dominance.
  • Meanwhile, the Rockets have floundered on the road, winning just five of 27 games and enduring a seven-game road losing streak. Recent defeats to teams like the Pelicans and an injury-riddled Memphis further highlight their struggles away from home. With the Thunder firing on all cylinders, led by SGA, there’s little reason to doubt their ability to cover the spread against a struggling Rockets side.

With these picks in mind, coupled with the thrill of the TNT showdown between the 76ers and Celtics, it’s shaping up to be another exhilarating night in the NBA.

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