NBA Parlay Picks 3/21/2024: Expert Predicts ATL Hawks in command!

As the NBA gears up for an action-packed weekend, Thursday night delivers another thrilling lineup of seven games. NBA TV presents a doubleheader starting at 7:00 pm ET with the Pelicans facing off against the Magic, followed by the Hawks challenging the Suns at 9:30 pm ET. Check out our NBA picks for this game today.

Atlanta Hawks ML over Phoenix Suns: NBA Pick 3/21/2024

NBA Pick: Hawks ML (+370)

Timing is paramount when it comes to wagering on the Hawks lately. This was evident in their recent encounters with the LA teams, clinching a convincing 110-93 victory over the Clippers before succumbing to a 136-105 defeat against the Lakers the following night. With a team ravaged by injuries, winning two games in as many days was a tall order. However, with ample rest since then, the Hawks stand a chance against the Suns tonight.

Atlanta emerged victorious in their initial clash back in early February with a 129-120 triumph, showcasing dominance in recent head-to-head matchups with a 7-3 ATS/SU record in the last 10 games, including a 5-1 SU/ATS streak in the six most recent meetings. Phoenix’s back-to-back games further tilt the scales in favor of the road team. With nothing to lose, the Hawks have outscored the Suns by 8.5 points in their last 10 encounters. At odds of +370, backing Atlanta to secure the win is a calculated risk worth taking.

Feeling Lucky? ATL Hawks +9.0

Despite losing four of their last five games, the Hawks maintain a comfortable position in the 10th spot in the Eastern Conference. This final game of their road trip typically poses challenges, with players often eager to return home. Atlanta’s injury list continues to lengthen, notably missing top scorer Trae Young until April. Meanwhile, the Suns, coming off a victory last night against Philadelphia, need to rely on key players like Bradley Beal to meet expectations.

Throughout the season, the Suns have struggled to cover spreads, especially as home favorites. With a schedule favoring Atlanta due to Phoenix’s back-to-back home games, betting on the Hawks, even without Young, appears prudent. While victory may be unlikely for Atlanta, they possess enough firepower to keep the pressure on Phoenix and potentially close the gap late in the game.

Hawks +9 available at the time of publishing. Considerable at this number.

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