NBA Picks and Parlay 10-25-23: Mavericks vs Spurs Expert Preview


Welcome to The Bet Club today on 10-25-23, as we have a picks and parlay preview for the eagerly awaited Mavericks vs Spurs showdown, with the NBA’s top prospect, Victor Wembanyama, making his official debut for the Spurs vs Luka Doncic and the Mavs today. With a recent +270 odds Same Game NBA Parlay win, we’re back with free expert picks in this exciting matchup. The NBA picks and parlay for 10-25-23 action tips off at 9:30 PM ET on ESPN, so read on to discover our parlay picks.

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NBA Picks and Parlay 10-25-23: Our Expert’s Bet

Now, let’s dive into our parlay selection!

NBA Picks: Victor Wembanyama to Score 20+ Points (+130)

In the realm of basketball, Victor Wembanyama stands as a unique talent, defying comparison to past greats due to his extraordinary abilities. His preseason performances have already left fans in awe, and there’s no doubt he’ll make a remarkable first impression in his debut against Dallas. Offering attractive +130 odds for a 20+ point game, he exceeded that threshold twice during the preseason while averaging 19.2 points per game over four games. Notably, the Mavericks struggle with interior defense, and Wembanyama possesses the full spectrum of skills. In three of his four preseason games, he nailed at least 2 three-pointers, indicating the potential for a stunning debut.

NBA Picks: Kyrie Irving 3+ Made Threes (-240)

The addition of Kyrie Irving to the Mavericks’ roster has garnered much attention since his arrival last season. With a fresh start and a full training camp with the team, he’s poised for improvement. Establishing a solid connection with Luka Doncic is crucial for the Mavericks’ success this year. We anticipate Irving knocking down at least 3 three-pointers against San Antonio on Wednesday. In the last four meetings with the Spurs, he’s showcased exceptional prowess, sinking 6, 3, 4, and 3 threes at a remarkable 64% efficiency. Additionally, one of Irving’s highest-scoring games in his career came against San Antonio, when he recorded 57 points during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. In his final preseason game, he connected on 4-of-10 three-point attempts against Detroit, reinforcing our confidence in his abilities against the Spurs.

NBA Picks: Luka Doncic to Record 8+ Rebounds (-170)

Luka Doncic’s rebounding capabilities remained consistent throughout the previous season, culminating in an average of 8.6 rebounds per game across 66 appearances. Similarly, the Spurs have often found themselves on the receiving end of Doncic’s prowess. In their last five encounters, he averaged 9 boards per game, suggesting that this trend may persist on Wednesday. It’s worth noting that the Mavericks currently grapple with interior challenges, relying on players like Maxi Kleber, Dwight Powell, and 19-year-old Dereck Lively II in the frontcourt. This situation may necessitate an expansion of Doncic’s role on the glass as the team seeks solutions. San Antonio’s high-paced style, which led the NBA with an average of 101.6 possessions per game last season, typically results in more shot opportunities and rebounds, potentially playing into Doncic’s favor during his season debut.

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