NBA Same Game Picks and Parlay 10-27-23: Celtics vs Heat +1252


Analyzing the NBA Action for the 2023-24 NBA season’s first week continues with an enticing Friday night slate, featuring a doubleheader on ESPN. The action kicks off as the Boston Celtics host the Miami Heat, which is the feature of our experts first NBA Same Game Picks and Parlay for today 10-27-23: Celtics vs Heat +1252 odds. It is then followed by a second Parlay prediction for the Golden State Warriors’ visit to the Sacramento Kings match up.

The opener stands out as a rematch of last season’s Eastern Conference Finals, where our experts predict Miami to once again emerge victorious as they did in a hard-fought 7-game series. Both teams enter Friday’s showdown with a 1-0 record for the season.

Here is my NBA Same Game Parlay for the evening’s festivities, with the games set to be televised starting at 7:30 pm ET on ESPN. Additionally, you can explore our best NBA picks for each of tonight’s matchups.

NBA Same Game Picks and Parlay 10-27-23:

  1. Miami Heat +8 (-108)
  2. Tyler Herro to make 4+ 3-pointers (+200)
  3. Jayson Tatum to score 30+ points (+170)

NBA Parlay odds: +1252

One of the key elements of a Same Game Parlay is the ability to correlate its components as needed. In this instance, the plan is to leverage the correlation between Tyler Herro’s successful three-pointers and a competitive performance by the Miami Heat. Simultaneously, including plays that aren’t directly correlated can enhance the overall payout of the parlay. Such is the case with the bet on Jayson Tatum scoring 30 or more points. Even if that milestone is reached, it doesn’t preclude the Heat from putting up a strong fight. Now, let’s delve into each of the three components.

NBA Pick: Miami Heat +8 over Boston Celtics (-108)

A generous 8-point cushion in this matchup is an attractive proposition, especially during the early stages of the season when teams are still finding their rhythm. Expect close games, which both teams experienced in their respective openers. The Miami Heat narrowly edged past the Detroit Pistons with a 103-102 victory, while the Boston Celtics secured a 108-104 win over the New York Knicks. The Celtics had to fight hard for their win despite Kristaps Porzingis delivering a remarkable performance with 30 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 blocks. A repeat of that display from Porzingis is unlikely, making this another winnable game for the visiting Heat.

NBA Pick: Tyler Herro to make 4+ 3-pointers (+200)

Tyler Herro was the most prolific shooter for the Miami Heat in their season opener against the Detroit Pistons, attempting a team-high 24 shots. In contrast, no other player on the roster took more than 18 attempts, including Jimmy Butler. Of Herro’s attempts, seven were from beyond the arc, and he successfully connected on two. Given his high volume of shots and the expectation that he will continue to shoot frequently on Friday, doubling his three-point total shouldn’t be overly challenging, especially with attractive +200 odds. The Boston Celtics observed the New York Knicks sink 18 three-pointers on Wednesday, converting at a rate of 43.9% from long range. It’s worth noting that the Celtics excelled at interior defense last season, ranking sixth in points allowed in the paint per game. Therefore, the Heat may find it more effective to focus their offense on perimeter shooting.

NBA Pick: Jayson Tatum to score 30+ points (+170)

Selecting Jayson Tatum to score 30 or more points doesn’t significantly conflict with backing the Miami Heat to cover the +8 spread. Tatum will be more likely to shoulder the scoring load if the game remains competitive or if the Celtics find themselves trailing. Furthermore, Tatum consistently surpassing the 30-point threshold is a common occurrence. There’s no guarantee that the Celtics will dominate their opponents whenever Tatum is lighting up the scoreboard. Tatum showcased his scoring prowess with 34 points on an efficient 13-for-22 shooting performance on Wednesday, suggesting he is already in midseason form. During the 2022-23 season, he averaged 30.1 points per game and reached the 30-point mark four times in seven contests during last season’s Eastern Conference Finals against the Heat.

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