NBA SGP Picks 2/12/2024: Oklahoma City Thunder v Orlando Magic Same Game Parlay Selections:

NBA Oklahoma City Thunder v Orlando Magic Same Game Parlay Selections: Chet Holmgren Leads Thunder Charge at +630 Odds. The Oklahoma City Thunder enter tonight’s matchup fresh off a morale-boosting victory against the Sacramento Kings, ending an eight-game losing streak against them. Now, they set their sights on the Orlando Magic on the road, aiming to maintain pressure on the Minnesota Timberwolves, who trail closely behind in the Western Conference standings.

NBA Same Game Parlay Picks 2/12/2024: Oklahoma City Thunder vs Orlando Magic Selections:

While our full roster of NBA picks for today’s games is available, let’s delve into my Thunder vs. Magic Same Game Parlay, building on the success of our recent Timberwolves vs. Clippers Same Game Parlay win!

NBA Pick: Jalen Williams Over 18.5 Points (-108)

Jalen Williams has been a consistent offensive force for the Thunder, showcasing his scoring prowess with four 20-point performances in his last five games, including a standout 32-point effort. His sharpshooting, particularly from beyond the arc, poses a significant threat to the Magic’s modest-sized backcourt, led by Jalen Suggs and Markelle Fultz. Expect Williams to exploit defensive vulnerabilities and maintain his scoring streak against the Magic.

NBA Pick: Chet Holmgren to Record 3+ Blocks (+105)

Facing the Magic’s subpar 3-point shooting, Chet Holmgren is poised to exert dominance in the paint. Currently ranking fourth in the league for blocks with an average of 2.6 per game, Holmgren has demonstrated his shot-blocking prowess with multiple games recording four or more blocks in recent outings. With the Magic likely to focus on interior play, Holmgren’s defensive presence near the rim will be pivotal, deterring penetration and securing key blocks.

NBA Pick: Markelle Fultz Over 3.5 Assists (+124)

With Chet Holmgren anchoring the Thunder’s defense, expect the Magic’s guards, including Markelle Fultz, to seek playmaking opportunities in the paint. Fultz’s limited success from beyond the arc this season emphasizes his reliance on driving to the rim, where he’ll encounter resistance from Holmgren. This defensive pressure is likely to prompt Fultz to distribute the ball more frequently, creating scoring opportunities for his teammates. With a consistent track record of four or more assists in five of his last seven games, Fultz is well-positioned to contribute to the Magic’s offensive rhythm.

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