NBA SGP Picks Mavs v Celtics 3/1/2024: Expert Bet +488 odds

Check out the Same Game Parlay picks for the NBA showdown between the Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Celtics, offering enticing +488 odds. As the only Western Conference teams to secure victories at TD Garden this season, can the Mavericks add their name to the list? The Mavericks and Celtics are set to close out their regular season series tonight on ESPN at 7:30 pm ET. To spice things up, here’s a Same Game Parlay crafted for this matchup.

Same Game Parlay: NBA showdown Dallas Mavericks v Boston Celtics +488 odds

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  1. Mavericks +9.5 (-110)
  2. Kristaps Porzingis over 1.5 threes made (-184)
  3. Jaylen Brown over 22.5 points (-106)

Same Game Parlay odds: +488


NBA Pick: Mavericks +9.5 over Boston Celtics (-110)

The Mavericks conclude a challenging 4-game road trip in Boston tonight against the league’s top team, but they’re poised to keep this game competitive. Despite statistics favoring a Celtics victory, the Mavericks, led by the exceptional Luka Doncic, have shown resilience. Doncic’s recent performances, including an impressive display on his birthday, underscore his ability to impact games. With a track record of success against the Celtics and strong ATS performances, the Mavericks are primed to cover the 9.5-point spread.

NBA Pick: Kristaps Porzingis over 1.5 threes made (-184)

Porzingis has been a consistent threat from beyond the arc, particularly against former teams like the Celtics. His recent shooting percentages and historical performances against Dallas suggest he’ll continue to capitalize on opportunities. Additionally, Dallas’s defensive vulnerabilities, particularly in defending threes, further support Porzingis’s chances of hitting this mark.

NBA Pick: Jaylen Brown over 22.5 points (-106)

Brown’s scoring prowess, especially against Dallas, makes him a compelling pick to surpass the 22.5-point threshold. With notable performances in recent meetings and a strong track record at TD Garden, Brown is well-positioned to exploit defensive weaknesses and maintain his scoring consistency. Expect Brown to continue his impressive form and contribute significantly to the Celtics’ offensive output.

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