NFL Black Friday Parlay Picks: Dolphins vs Jets Same Game Bet


SGP NFL Picks:

  1. Alternate Point Spread: MIA Dolphins -13.5
  2. Game Totals: Under 41.5
  3. 1st Quarter Total: Under 7.5
  4. Anytime Touchdown Scorer: R. Mostert (MIA) to score a TD


NFL Pick 1: Miami Dolphins -13.5 alternate spread over New York Jets (+142)

While recognizing the challenges of a road divisional game, the Dolphins are favored to secure a road win against the Jets. Miami’s formidable offense, featuring talented receivers and a dominant run game led by Raheem Mostert, positions them as a potent force. Despite the Jets’ commendable defensive efforts, they have struggled due to offensive issues, conceding at least 27 points in 2 of their last 3 games. Anticipating further offensive challenges for the Jets, the Dolphins are motivated to secure a decisive victory and maintain pressure on the AFC East race.

NFL Pick 2: Under 41.5 (-125)

In the Dolphins vs Jets Same Game Parlay, opting for the under reflects expectations of a low-scoring contest. Despite the Dolphins’ scoring prowess, they face a resilient Jets defense that ranks among the league’s best. The Jets, known for their effective pass-rush and defensive capabilities, present a challenge for Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins’ offense. On the flip side, the struggling Jets offense, compounded by the switch to Tim Boyle, points to a game with limited scoring opportunities.

NFL Pick 3: Under 7.5 1st quarter points (-134)

Aligned with the overall expectation of a low-scoring game, the under in the 1st quarter emphasizes a cautious start. While Miami may find the end zone in the early period, expecting them to score twice may be ambitious. The Jets’ defense, capable of holding its own in the early stages, adds to the confidence in this pick. Recent performances, such as holding the Bills to 6 points in the 1st quarter, highlight the Jets’ defensive resilience, while offensive concerns for the Jets suggest limited early-game scoring.

NFL Pick 4: Raheem Mostert to score a touchdown (-140)

Closing the Same Game Parlay, the choice of Raheem Mostert as an anytime touchdown scorer aligns with the expectation of Miami winning by a significant margin. Mostert, with an impressive track record of 13 touchdowns in 10 games this season, remains a reliable option. Given De’Von Achane’s limited practice, Mostert is anticipated to take on a significant role, showcasing his ability to break through the Jets’ defense and score in the end zone.

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