NFL Picks and Parlay Bengals vs 49ers: Same Game Parlay +1187


At The Bet Club for Week 8 we have a packed slate of thrilling NFL matchups, free best bets, expert picks and same game parlays including a compelling cross-conference showdown between the Cincinnati Bengals and San Francisco 49ers. In the previous week, I whipped up two same-game parlays with one for Bills/Patriots at +1683 odds and another for Lions/Ravens at +1596 odds, both of which hit the mark. This week, we’re going for two more to aim for four in a row.

NFL Week 8 Picks and Parlays: Sunday Same Game Cincinnati Bengals vs San Francisco 49ers

Make sure to explore my other Week 8 SGP for Eagles/Commanders, and don’t miss our extensive NFL Week 8 picks for sides and totals. Now, let’s dive into this NFL clash for Bengals vs 49ers same-game picks and parlay:

NFL Pick: Cincinnati Bengals Alternate Spread -6.5 (+480)

To initiate this Same Game Parlay, we’re rolling with the Bengals on an alternate spread of -6.5. This choice leans more towards fading the 49ers than endorsing the Bengals. San Francisco’s 5-0 start painted a rosier picture of their abilities than reality, and they’ve experienced a reality check with consecutive losses. While Brock Purdy has cleared the concussion protocol, his recent performances included three interceptions, and he struggled mightily against the Browns two weeks ago.

Before their back-to-back losses, the 49ers secured wins against the Cowboys, Cardinals, Giants, Rams, and Steelers. The victory over Dallas was impressive, but aside from that, their performance hasn’t been overwhelmingly remarkable. This game is undoubtedly their most challenging test of the season, and it arrives when they are grappling with significant injuries and coming off those losses.

Star left tackle Trent Williams is in doubt due to a severe ankle injury, and wide receiver Deebo Samuel has been ruled out. Samuel’s absence significantly impacts the 49ers’ offense, as his presence typically diverts defensive attention and opens up opportunities for other receivers, such as Brandon Aiyuk.

The two games the 49ers lost coincided with Samuel’s absence, emphasizing his value. The Bengals, despite a slow start, have now won three of their last four games leading up to this clash.

NFL Pick: Tee Higgins to Have 60+ Receiving Yards (+152)

This pick complements our Cincinnati alternate spread, as a comfortable lead for the Bengals will require involvement from sources beyond Ja’Marr Chase. While Chase is an exceptional talent, the Bengals have been over-relying on him, which was evident in their most recent game when he was targeted 13 times but struggled with six receptions as the passing game faced challenges.

Coming off their bye week, the Bengals are likely to prioritize involving Tee Higgins more. Higgins had a quieter start to the season, linked to the dip in Cincinnati’s passing game. He had at least 8 targets in the first three weeks before a rib injury in Week 4. There’s no reason to panic about his involvement, and the bye week likely allowed him to heal from his rib issue.

Over the past two seasons, Higgins has achieved 60+ receiving yards in 17 out of 30 games (57%). Therefore, getting a robust plus-money opportunity at +152 feels like a fantastic deal and an overreaction by oddsmakers to his somewhat slower start. A +152 line implies a hit rate of only 39.7 percent.

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