NFL Picks and Parlay SNF Week 8: Bears vs Chargers +600 Odds


This NFL Week 8 of Sunday Night Football (SNF) features the Chicago Bears vs Los Angeles for a showdown in LA with the struggling Chargers. The Chargers are in dire need of a win to salvage their season, while the Bears are embracing the underdog role with a backup quarterback leading the charge. So, who will emerge victorious? The Bet Club experts have all the answers for today’s NFL Picks and Parlay SNF Week 8: Bears vs Chargers +600 Odds.

SNF Week 8: NFL Picks and Parlay for Bears vs Chargers +600 Odds

I’ve formulated a Same Game Parlay for NFL Picks and Parlay SNF Week 8: Bears vs Chargers +600 Odds, offering my take on how the game might unfold. You can also peruse all our NFL Week 8 predictions, but for now, let’s dive into it.

NFL SNF Pick: Bears +8.5 (-110)

In yet another unglamorous NFL primetime match-up, we have the 2-5 Bears, guided by the unheralded backup Tyson Bagent at quarterback, facing off against the 2-4 Chargers, a team that has underperformed significantly this season. Los Angeles coach Brandon Staley may be coaching for his job this week, while the Bears’ motivations at this stage are less clear. Staley has not been my favorite as a head coach, and I was impressed by Bagent’s performance last week. While he may lack the typical college pedigree of most NFL quarterbacks, he displays determination, and the team appears to respond positively to his leadership.

On the opposing side, Justin Herbert is nursing an injury to his left hand’s index finger, and it has affected his performance. The Chargers’ offense, once at the top of the NFL, has failed to break 20 points over the past two weeks. The Chargers, being the more desperate and talented team, and playing at home, have earned their status as the favorites. However, this Bears team is resilient, and I believe Bagent and his offense will find enough room against the Chargers’ defense to keep the game within a single score, similar to the way the Raiders did with rookie backup quarterback Aidan O’Connell on October 1. Let’s anticipate a closely contested game in Los Angeles.

NFL SNF Pick: Over 46.5 (-110)

This presents an opportunity for the Chargers’ offense to recalibrate and return to the form they exhibited earlier this season. The Bears’ defense is on the mend, but the reality is they are not particularly strong on that side of the ball. Justin Herbert and the Chargers should view this game as a remedy for their recent offensive struggles. I acknowledge that trust in the Chargers has waned over the last few weeks, but don’t be misled by the Bears’ defense, as they are not as impervious as they may appear.

Conversely, I am confident that the Bears have the firepower to score some points in this contest. Bagent seems unflustered by the pressure, brings some rushing ability to the mix, and possesses receiving talents on the outside with D.J. Moore and Darnell Mooney.

NFL SNF Pick: Austin Ekeler 40+ Receiving Yards (+118)

As explained by my colleague Prop Holiday in his analysis of player props for the Bears vs. Chargers game, this sets up as a highly favorable match-up for Austin Ekeler. While the Chargers’ running back is not known for rushing between the tackles, he excels as a pass-catcher out of the backfield. Excluding last week’s game against the Chiefs, Ekeler has comfortably surpassed this threshold in two out of the three games he’s played this season.

Ekeler is a dependable option, boasting a career average of 8.9 yards per reception while consistently securing four receptions per game. What’s more, the Chargers’ offense does not need to resort to intricate strategies this Sunday. Falling to a 2-5 record would be disastrous, making it crucial to involve Ekeler early in their offensive scheme. With favorable plus-money odds, supporting Ekeler in this context is an enticing choice.

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