NFL Week 12 Betting Guide: Opening Betting Lines, Best Picks and Spreads – Thanksgiving Extravaganza!


Welcome to the exhilarating world of Bet Club as we embark on NFL Week 12 Betting Guide, complete with Opening Odds, Betting Lines, Best Picks and Spreads: Bet Club’s Thanksgiving Week! As we plunge into the thrills of Week 12 in the 2023-24 season, the festivities are doubled—Thanksgiving week treats us to four days of enthralling betting action! With a trio of Thursday games, including a special Black Friday clash between the Dolphins and Jets, along with captivating matchups on Sunday, get ready for a football feast.

Don’t miss our NFL predictions, featuring our picks for both sides and totals in every game throughout the week. Boasting an impressive 35-24 NFL best bets record, our predictions are a must-see. But for now, let’s break down the NFL Week 12 opening lines and unveil our top early bet.

NFL Week 12 Betting Guide: Opening Lines, and Odds

  • Green Bay Packers +7.5 (-110) vs Detroit Lions -7.5 (-110) — Thursday
  • Washington Commanders +11 (-110) vs Dallas Cowboys -11 (-110) — Thursday
  • San Francisco 49ers -7 (-110) vs Seattle Seahawks +7 (-110) — Thursday
  • Miami Dolphins -7.5 (-110) vs New York Jets +7.5 (-110) — Friday
  • New Orleans Saints PK (-110) vs Atlanta Falcons PK (-110)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars -1 (-110) vs Houston Texans +1 (-110)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1 (-110) vs Indianapolis Colts -1 (-110)
  • New England Patriots -5.5 (-110) vs New York Giants +5.5 (-110)
  • Carolina Panthers +4 (-110) vs Tennessee Titans -4 (-110)
  • Los Angeles Rams -1 (-110) vs Arizona Cardinals +1 (-110)
  • Cleveland Browns +1 (-110) vs Denver Broncos -1 (-110)
  • Buffalo Bills +3.5 (-110) vs Philadelphia Eagles -3.5 (-110)
  • Kansas City Chiefs -9.5 (-110) vs Las Vegas Raiders +9.5 (-110)
  • Baltimore Ravens -4 (-110) vs Los Angeles Chargers +4 (-110) — Sunday Night Football
  • Chicago Bears +3.5 (-110) vs Minnesota Vikings -3.5 (-110) — Monday Night Football

Best Early Bet for NFL Week 12

NFL Pick: Baltimore Ravens -4 over Los Angeles Chargers (-110)

It’s time to recognize the Ravens as bona fide Super Bowl contenders. Led by the dynamic Lamar Jackson and fortified by a robust defense, the Ravens, standing at 8-3 after an impressive victory over Cincinnati, are ready to take on the 4-6 Chargers. With potential injury setbacks for the Chargers, the Ravens, armed with a long week since their Thursday Night Football fixture, are primed to secure a victory by at least a touchdown.

Stay tuned for our comprehensive NFL Week 12 picks, covering every game this week!

NFL Pick: WAS Commanders @ DAL Cowboys

The current total is a rather conservative 47-48 points for this NFC East clash, but I remain unconvinced that it adequately captures the scoring potential. Remarkably, the Cowboys boast an impressive average of 40 points per game at AT&T Stadium. Their home games are true spectacles, particularly on the offensive front, with an average total of 52.5 points in front of the Dallas faithful. If not for encounters with three struggling offenses—the Jets, Patriots, and Giants—pushing the total higher, we could easily be looking at numbers well into the 60s. Despite the Commanders not being a powerhouse, their offensive capabilities cannot be dismissed.

Sam Howell, despite his shortcomings—primarily turnovers with 12 interceptions—remains a playmaker. This becomes crucial, especially considering the aggressive offensive strategy implemented by the beleaguered offensive coordinator, Eric Bienemy, with Howell averaging over 40 pass attempts per game—an operation leaning heavily toward the pass, ranking as the most pass-centric in the NFL. The Commanders hold the 11th spot in pass yards per game (245), an impressive 6th in rush yards per carry (4.6), and stand among the top 10 in fourth-down and red-zone conversion rates. Coupled with their last-place ranking, conceding 27.7 points per game, Washington shapes up as a team with a strong inclination towards high-scoring affairs. While their 6-5 ATS to the over record may be influenced by defensive-minded and offensively challenged opponents so far, a rebound is plausible, especially following a loss featuring 6 turnovers. Anticipating a redemptive performance against their arch rivals, the Commanders are poised for a showcase on Thanksgiving, setting the stage for a scenario where Howell and Dak Prescott are likely to deliver a high-scoring spectacle against fatigued defenses. Opting for the over is the most favorable approach.

Over 48.5 points are available at the time of publishing, with a playability threshold extending to 49.5.

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