NFL Week 12 Picks and Parlay – Millionaire Maker 12-Team Bet at +183632 Odds!


The Bet Club Millionaire Punt for the NFL Week 12 slate is underway, having completed 25% with Thanksgiving and Black Friday matchups. Despite this, we present the Millionaire NFL picks and parlay for the remaining 12 Sunday and Monday games, forming a 12 team parlay bet with colossal potential at +183632 odds on Sportsbook.

NFL Week 12 picks

Embark on the thrilling journey of this millionaire parlay with money line picks from each remaining game this week, crafted by our experts. Explore our detailed NFL Week 12 picks for insights into every matchup.

NFL Pick 1. Jacksonville Jaguars ML over Houston Texans (-122)

In a pivotal AFC South clash, the Jaguars, seeking revenge, aim to thwart the Texans’ attempt to draw level on wins. Despite the Texans’ prior success in Week 3, the Jags enter this revenge spot with renewed determination.

NFL Pick 2. Pittsburgh Steelers ML over Cincinnati Bengals (-122)

The Steelers, favored by fortune, face the Bengals led by Jake Browning. Without the defensive strength of the Browns, the Bengals may struggle, presenting an opportunity for a more dynamic performance from the Pittsburgh offense.

NFL Pick 3. Carolina Panthers ML over Tennessee Titans (+154)

Boosting parlay odds, the Panthers aim to upset the Titans on the road. With the Titans as moderate favorites, the Panthers, despite a 1-9 record, look to exploit the value, considering the Titans’ recent struggles.

Explore our Panthers vs Titans predictions for additional insights.

NFL Pick 4. New York Giants ML over New England Patriots (+150)

Amidst an unconventional matchup, the Giants, reinvigorated by a second win over the Commanders, face the Patriots. Despite the unpredictable nature of the game, the Giants have potential against the Patriots and their quarterback uncertainties.

NFL Pick 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ML over Indianapolis Colts (+120)

While the Buccaneers struggle against elite teams, the 5-5 Colts offer a more manageable challenge. With a 1-4 home record, the Colts are not considered top-tier, providing the Buccaneers with a favorable matchup.

NFL Pick 6. New Orleans Saints ML over Atlanta Falcons (-120)

In a week filled with closely contested games, the Saints, benefitting from Desmond Ridder’s return and the Falcons’ quarterback situation, aim to secure victory against their division rivals.

Explore our Saints vs Falcons predictions for a comprehensive analysis.

NFL Pick 7. Cleveland Browns ML over Denver Broncos (+105)

As the Broncos seek to continue their surge, the Browns, bolstered by Dorian Thompson-Robinson, confront them with a formidable defense. Cleveland, buoyed by the confidence from last week’s significant win, aims to maintain momentum.

Explore our Browns vs Broncos predictions for additional insights.

NFL Pick 8. Arizona Cardinals ML over Los Angeles Rams (+102)

With Kyler Murray and James Conner back, the Cardinals, despite a recent loss to the Texans, present an improved and formidable team. The Rams, despite their recent success, face a challenging matchup against a resurgent Cardinals side.

Explore our Rams vs Cardinals predictions for a comprehensive analysis.

NFL Pick 9. Kansas City Chiefs ML over Las Vegas Raiders (-395)

In a matchup with a heavy favorite, the Chiefs, recovering from a home loss, aim to avoid a third loss in four games. The reigning Super Bowl champions are expected to secure victory against the Raiders.

NFL Pick 10. Philadelphia Eagles ML over Buffalo Bills (-162)

With the Bills displaying inconsistent performances, the Eagles, riding high on confidence, seek to capitalize on their momentum after a Monday night clash against the Chiefs. The Bills’ unpredictability makes them vulnerable, offering an opportunity for the Eagles to secure a win.

NFL Pick 11. Baltimore Ravens ML over Los Angeles Chargers (-185)

While late-game uncertainties could come into play, the Ravens, with a higher likelihood of emerging victorious, face the Chargers in what promises to be a closely contested matchup.

Explore our Ravens vs Chargers predictions for additional insights.

NFL Pick 12. Minnesota Vikings ML over Chicago Bears (-148)

Having comfortably handled the Bears in their first meeting, the Vikings, despite a recent road loss, aim to resume winning ways at home. With a positive outlook and primetime Josh Dobbs, the Vikings are poised for success.

Explore our Bears vs Vikings predictions for a comprehensive analysis.

Embark on this thrilling millionaire parlay journey, with each carefully chosen money line pick contributing to the colossal +183632 odds.

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