NFL Week 12 Picks SGP Bills vs Eagles: Expert NFL Parlay Bet +1305 Odds


As Week 12 unfolds at The Bet Club, our experts have a standout matchup that takes center stage with the Buffalo Bills vs the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite both teams harboring Super Bowl aspirations at the season’s outset, the Bills have faced recent challenges. To commemorate this highly anticipated clash, we present a Same Game NFL Picks and Parlay for your excitement.

NFL SGP Picks and Parlay: Sunday Night Football Week 12

Before delving in, explore our additional NFL Week 12 best bet picks on sides, props and totals. Now, let’s dissect this NFL match up for Bills vs Eagles SGP Picks and Parlay today.

NFL Pick: Buffalo Bills -6.5 Alternate Spread (+340)

Commencing this two-leg Same Game Parlay, we embrace the Bills with a -6.5 alternate spread. The Eagles, despite their 9-1 record, may not be as formidable as their standing suggests. A closer look reveals that only two of their nine victories have come with a double-digit margin, raising questions about their dominance. Close encounters with teams like the Commanders and narrowly escaping against the Chiefs hint at the Eagles’ vulnerability. Metrics suggest that Philadelphia has thrived on luck, and regression may be imminent.

Jalen Hurts has shown signs of regression, throwing more interceptions than last season and facing challenges as a runner due to lingering injuries. The absence of TE Dallas Goedert further weakens the Eagles’ passing game. Meanwhile, the Bills rebounded impressively after parting ways with OC Ken Dorsey, notably defeating the Jets with a 32-point display. This presents a buying opportunity in the market for the Bills, and the -6.5 spread is a strategic choice.

NFL Pick: Josh Allen 300+ Passing Yards (+240)

The second leg of our Same Game Parlay hinges on Josh Allen’s performance, specifically aiming for 300+ passing yards. Allen, despite media narratives, is not experiencing a down year. In fact, he boasts a career-high completion percentage and a current passer rating surpassing the last two seasons. Facing an Eagles defense surrendering the fifth-most passing yards in the NFL, Allen is poised to capitalize on this matchup.

Anticipating difficulty in running against the Eagles’ defensive front, Allen is expected to unleash his passing prowess. Although the Eagles displayed a solid secondary against the Chiefs, the context of Kansas City’s offensive struggles must be considered. Recent performances, such as Dak Prescott’s 373-yard showcase, indicate vulnerabilities that bode well for Allen and the Bills.

NFL Parlay Odds: +1305

Combining these two legs, the Same Game Parlay offers enticing odds of just over 13/1. With Allen as a key contributor, this parlay aligns with the Bills’ potential rebound. Take advantage of the favorable market conditions and enjoy the excitement of this stellar Week 12 matchup.

For more NFL insights, explore our comprehensive NFL Week 12 Betting Guide. Good luck with your wagers!

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