NFL Week 13 TNF Betting Guide: Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys picks, odds & predictions

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Welcome to The Bet Club for another thrilling edition of Thursday Night Football (TNF) in Week 13 of the 2023-24 NFL season. Our comprehensive betting guide has all the insights you need to make informed bets on this TNF clash between the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys. We provide expert NFL picks on both the side and total, along with specialized NFL player prop bets from our props betting expert. Additionally, we present a Same Game Parlay tailored for this exciting NFC matchup.

NFL Pick: Dallas Cowboys Host Reeling Seattle Seahawks on Week 13 of TNF -Kickoff 8:15 pm ET, Amazon Prime

The Dallas Cowboys have been on a dominant streak in recent weeks, and Jerry Jones’ crew aims to maintain their momentum as they face the struggling Seattle Seahawks on Thursday Night Football. With injuries plaguing the Seahawks and the Cowboys showcasing strength, especially at home, the matchup promises to be captivating. Can the Cowboys continue their winning streak, or will the Seahawks bounce back on a short week? Let’s delve into our Week 13 TNF picks for Seahawks vs. Cowboys.

NFL Week 13: TNF Seahawks vs Cowboys Picks

Best NFL Bet Today

  • NFL: Dallas Cowboys -8.5 over Seattle Seahawks (-110)
  • These teams are on divergent paths, with the Seahawks grappling with injuries and the Cowboys demonstrating strength, particularly at home. Seattle’s recent struggles, including a Thanksgiving loss to the 49ers, indicate challenges, while Dallas remains healthy and formidable. The Cowboys are expected to continue their winning trend against a Seahawks team that is currently on the decline.

NFL Best Player Prop Bets: TNF

NFL Player Prop Picks

  • Dak Prescott under 280.5 Passing Yards (-110)
  • Fading Prescott might seem unconventional given his recent performances, but the Seahawks’ robust CB duo and zone defense strategy on passing downs could pose challenges. Prescott’s track record against zone-heavy defenses suggests potential limitations in reaching the 280.5-yard mark. While Prescott is expected to perform well, consistent success against such defenses this season has been elusive.

Touchdown Scorer Best NFL Bets

  • Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR, SEA (+375)
  • With the Seahawks missing starting RB Kenneth Walker, rookie Zach Charbonnet leads the ground attack. However, Jaxon Smith-Njigba emerges as an attractive option with favorable odds. Having already scored two receiving TDs, Smith-Njigba presents value, especially considering the focus on stopping Metcalf and Lockett, potentially opening opportunities for the rookie.
  • Brandin Cooks, WR, DAL (+260)
  • Cooks, having scored in four of the Cowboys’ last six games, benefits from Prescott’s impressive form with 17 TD passes in his last five games. Facing a vulnerable Seahawks defense, Cooks is poised to capitalize on opportunities. Despite being the leading receiver for the Cowboys, Cooks offers attractive +260 odds with FanDuel.

Seahawks vs Cowboys Same Game NFL Parlay: Tony Pollard Does It Again at +373 Odds

This Thursday Night Football matchup unfolds in Dallas, Texas, as the Seahawks challenge the Cowboys. With the Cowboys in exceptional form and the Seahawks facing recent setbacks, oddsmakers favor Dallas, listing Seattle as a 9-point underdog. Our Same Game Parlay for the matchup, available at FanDuel Sportsbook, features compelling odds of nearly 4/1.

Same Game NFL Parlay Odds: +373

  1. Cowboys First Half -5.5 (-120) over Seattle Seahawks
  • The Cowboys have established themselves as a first-half powerhouse, winning six consecutive first halves. Facing a struggling Seahawks first-half performance, the Cowboys are expected to assert dominance early. Dallas averages 25.4 first-half points at home, a significant contrast to Seattle’s meager 10-point average on the road.
  1. Tony Pollard to Score a Touchdown (-165)
  • Tony Pollard, after breaking a scoring drought with touchdowns in the last two games, faces a favorable matchup against the Seahawks. With the Seattle defense ranking 21st in opponent rushing yards per game, Pollard is poised for another successful outing. His involvement in both rushing and receiving adds versatility, making him a likely candidate for another touchdown.
  1. Geno Smith Under 230.5 Passing Yards (-114)
  • Geno Smith’s passing yards are set just below his season average, reflecting the challenging matchup against the Cowboys’ defense, which allows the second-lowest passing yards in the league. With the Seahawks as underdogs, the Cowboys are expected to control possession, limiting Smith’s passing opportunities. A focus on handoffs to Zach Charbonnet further supports the under on Smith’s passing yards.

NFL Week 13 Pick Predictions

For more NFL picks and predictions for every Week 13 matchup, be sure to check out our comprehensive NFL predictions, covering games such as Cardinals vs. Steelers, Broncos vs. Texans, Lions vs. Saints, and 49ers vs. Eagles. Stay tuned for a week filled with exciting NFL action.

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