NFL Week 7 Picks: LA Chargers vs KC Chiefs:


The Bet Club experts like this NFL match up for our Week 7 picks. We have been looking forward to it and the margins are favourable with the point spread, so there is a Best Bet pick for the spread today, a totals picks and a parlay which shows excellent potential on paper. We are backing the chargers. For more in depth analysis get stuck into our experts thoughts below. Remember, we bet better together at The Bet Club.

NFL Week 7 Picks: LA Chargers vs KC Chiefs: Point Spread Pick LA Chargers +5.5 (-110)

Why We Like It
This game has been highly anticipated, and the generous point spread has us excited. The Chargers, coming off a disappointing Monday Night Football performance, are not expected to be near-touchdown underdogs against the Chiefs, even on the road in Arrowhead. Justin Herbert has had success against the Chiefs, especially when playing in Kansas City, where he’s shown impressive stats over the last three seasons, making this matchup favorable for the Chargers.

Herbert has been receiving criticism for his recent performance, but with his left middle finger injury healing, we anticipate an improved showing. With Herbert at the helm, the Chargers have a 2-1 record at Arrowhead. Despite some recent losses to the Chiefs, they’ve been competitive, with their last three losses having an average margin of just 4 points. With a 2-3 record, the Chargers can’t afford to go 2-4, and we believe they have a good chance to outperform the spread and possibly even pull off an upset.

Chargers +5.5 (-110) is available at the time of publishing and playable at this number. Don’t miss out on this exciting matchup in Week 7 of the NFL.

NFL Picks: PIT Steelers vs LA Rams Game Totals Pick Under 44.0 (-110)

Why the Under Looks Appealing
In this matchup, the under is a compelling choice, primarily due to our expectation of limited scoring from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even in their recent win over the Baltimore Ravens, the Steelers managed to produce under 300 yards of total offense and gained just 87 yards from 30 rushing attempts. Their games this season tend to be characterized by low offensive output, as evidenced by their previous match in which they could only muster 6 points against a mediocre Houston defense.

The Los Angeles Rams still possess defensive talent, with Aaron Donald standing out, and he is expected to create significant challenges for fellow Pittsburgh alumnus Kenny Pickett. Pickett, who has struggled this season, is unlikely to perform well under pressure, especially if he’s still dealing with a knee sprain he sustained a couple of weeks ago. Pickett has yet to surpass 235 passing yards this season and has only accumulated 12 rushing yards, significantly less than his scrambling ability showcased in 2022.

While the Rams have made progress on offense, they are not an offensive powerhouse. Additionally, they have had difficulties protecting their quarterback, Matthew Stafford, as evidenced by the 15 sacks he has endured over the last four games. Facing a Mike Tomlin-led defense, which includes a formidable presence like TJ Watt, could present challenges for the Rams in maintaining offensive consistency.

Under 44.0 (-110) is available at the time of publication, making it a compelling choice for those seeking an under bet for this game. Don’t miss this opportunity to bet on the under in the upcoming Steelers vs. Rams matchup.

Week 7 NFL Picks and Parlay: Chargers vs. Chiefs Same Game Multi Play

The Kansas City Chiefs, one of the NFL’s premier teams, are gearing up to host the Los Angeles Chargers in an intense AFC West showdown this Sunday. Despite the Chargers’ recent struggles on Monday Night Football against the Cowboys, they consistently bring their A-game when they face off in Kansas City, setting the stage for an exciting Sunday afternoon clash.

For this high-stakes encounter, we’ve crafted a 3-leg Same Game Parlay, offering the potential for an enticing payout at +607 odds with FanDuel Sportsbook if it hits the mark. Let’s dive into the details of our Chargers vs. Chiefs Same Game Parlay:

NFL Pick: Chargers +5.5 (-110)

Our initial pick revolves around the Chargers notching +5.5 points against the Chiefs. Recent performance and matchup analysis suggest that the Chargers should not be considered near-touchdown underdogs, even on the hallowed turf of Arrowhead Stadium. This sentiment holds true, especially after their disappointing showing on Monday Night Football.

    Over the last three seasons, Justin Herbert has demonstrated an impressive track record against the Chiefs, completing 69% of his passes for 917 yards, with 10 touchdowns and just one interception when facing Kansas City. Moreover, Herbert’s previously injured left middle finger, fractured in Week 5, is expected to be in improved condition for this matchup.

    Although the Chargers have encountered difficulties in recent encounters with Kansas City, they have consistently remained competitive. Their last four contests resulted in only one victory for the Chargers, but even their losses have come by a narrow average margin of just four points. Notably, the Chargers lost both games to the Chiefs last season by just a field goal each. With their 2-3 record, the Chargers are highly motivated to avoid slipping to 2-4 in this vital matchup against their formidable rivals.

    NFL Pick: Over 47.5 (-115)

    Despite a sharp and precise over/under line of 47.5 points, we find the over to be an appealing choice in this contest. While the Chiefs’ defense, while not yet elite, has notably improved this season, allowing just 14.7 points per game, the second-best in the NFL. A combination of other statistical metrics positions the Chiefs’ defense among the league’s top ten.

    Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, an experienced Super Bowl-winning member of the franchise, has played a significant role in the Chiefs’ defensive improvements. Anchored by agile and youthful talent, the Chiefs field an aggressive and fast defense. However, it’s worth noting that, aside from their season opener against the Detroit Lions, the Chiefs have not encountered a potent offensive force. Facing the Chargers, who possess more game-changing talent, could challenge the Chiefs’ defensive unit.

    Should Justin Herbert find success against the Chiefs, as our analysis in the point spread section suggests, Patrick Mahomes will be compelled to match his pace. Known for his exceptional skills, Mahomes has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead the Chiefs’ high-powered offense. In addition to their potent passing attack, the Chiefs’ running game continues to show improvement week by week.

    NFL Pick: Isaiah Pacheco to score a touchdown (+100)

    Our final selection in this Same Game Parlay focuses on Isaiah Pacheco’s likelihood of scoring a touchdown in the upcoming matchup. Pacheco has consistently been a reliable weapon for the Chiefs, contributing both on the ground and through receptions. In his recent game against the Broncos, the Chiefs’ starting running back impressed with 16 carries for 62 yards and an additional 6 catches for 36 yards.

    This trend of involving Pacheco in the offense is likely to continue this Sunday, as he remains one of the most dependable weapons for the Chiefs in their quest to establish an offensive identity. Apart from Travis Kelce, Pacheco has gained the trust of Mahomes, leading to a substantial number of touches for the third-year running back.

    While the Chargers’ defense exhibited signs of improvement in their recent matchup against the Cowboys, it still stands as one of the less formidable units in the NFL. Given the expectation of a high-scoring game, Pacheco’s prospects of finding the end zone appear promising.

    Don’t miss the excitement of the Chargers vs. Chiefs matchup, and keep an eye out for the potential success of this enticing Same Game Parlay.

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