NHL Parlay Picks Today 2/25/2024: Top Sunday 3-Leg Parlay at +1146 odds – Red Wings Streak

Sunday’s NHL lineup features a modest 7 games, commencing at 1 PM ET and concluding at 8 PM ET. It caps off a weekend filled with thrilling hockey action, showcasing remarkable highlights, intense drama, and pivotal movements in the playoff races. As we bid farewell to this captivating hockey weekend, there’s ample betting value on offer for those eager to join in the excitement. Below, we present our mega parlay for today.

NHL Mega Parlay

NHL Pick: Philadelphia Flyers to win (Money Line) (+140)

The Flyers currently occupy a playoff position with fewer than 30 games remaining in the season, while the Penguins struggle to find their footing. Given the standings, this +140 bet offers significant value. The Penguins’ inconsistency renders them an unreliable choice, especially against a team in playoff contention like the Flyers. Despite recent setbacks, the Flyers possess the form and capability to bounce back with a win.

NHL Pick: Detroit Red Wings -1.5 (+136)

Riding a wave of momentum, the Red Wings appear unstoppable, with four consecutive victories by a combined margin of 12 goals. They’ve been dominant against opponents vying for playoff berths. Conversely, the Blackhawks languish with just one win in their last 12 games overall and a solitary victory in their last six home fixtures. With Detroit in peak form, they should comfortably dispatch the struggling Blackhawks.

NHL Pick: New York Rangers -1.5 (+120)

The Rangers are currently one of the NHL’s hottest teams, boasting a remarkable 10-game winning streak, with six of those victories by a margin of two or more goals. They’ve also been formidable on the road, winning five consecutive away games. Meanwhile, the Blue Jackets have faltered, recording just five wins in their last 16 outings and struggling at home with only one win in their last seven. With the Rangers’ stellar form and the Blue Jackets’ inconsistency, New York is primed for another convincing win.

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