NHL Picks and Parlay 2/16/2024: Expert SGP Picks and Prop Bets

Welcome to the Bet Club tonight for the Carolina Hurricanes and the Arizona Coyotes match up. The experts have three top NHL picks and a Parlay for today. The Arizona Coyotes’ losing streak has extended to seven games, signaling further trouble for the team. What initially appeared as a promising start to the season has rapidly deteriorated for the Coyotes. Facing the Carolina Hurricanes tonight, it’s difficult to anticipate any improvement in Arizona’s fortunes. Despite both teams deploying their backup goaltenders (with Carolina even resorting to their third-string option), the Hurricanes hold a clear advantage.

Arizona’s defensive shortcomings exacerbate the challenges faced by their goaltenders, as evidenced by their high penalty minutes per game (12.3) and yielding an average of 32.1 shots per goal. Their penalty kill success rate of 79.4% falls slightly below the league average, leaving goaltender Karel Vejmelka vulnerable. With a season performance marked by a 3.36 GAA and .897 save percentage, Vejmelka is poised to struggle against a formidable Carolina offense, averaging 3.31 goals per game and boasting the second-best power play in the league at 27.5%.

NHL SGP Parlay Picks 2/16/2024

For today’s NHL matchup between the Carolina Hurricanes and the Arizona Coyotes, keep an eye on Seth Jarvis and Nick Schmaltz for some potential player prop bet opportunities.

  1. Money Line Pick: Carolina Hurricanes to Win: Backing the Hurricanes is goaltender Pyotr Kochetkov, who brings a commendable 2.52 GAA to the crease. Furthermore, given the Coyotes’ modest offensive output of just 2.9 goals per game, they are ill-equipped to match the Hurricanes’ scoring prowess. The Hurricanes hold favorable Money Line odds of -205 at the time of publishing, and this bet remains playable up to -225.
  2. Seth Jarvis (CAR) – Over 0.5 Points (-130):
    Seth Jarvis has emerged as a vital contributor for the Carolina Hurricanes, tallying 41 points so far this season, marking a career-best performance in his third year at just 22 years old. Over the past month, Jarvis has been particularly impressive, notching 13 points in the Hurricanes’ last 12 games. He plays a versatile role throughout the lineup, including power play and penalty kill duties. Facing a struggling Coyotes team that has dropped 13 out of their last 17 games, including a seven-game losing streak, Jarvis and the Hurricanes have a favorable matchup to continue their offensive onslaught.
  3. Nick Schmaltz (ARI) – Over 0.5 Points (-120):
    The Arizona Coyotes, facing a formidable Hurricanes team, may need to take offensive risks to stay competitive, especially considering their recent struggles in goal prevention. With Carolina likely to net at least three goals, Arizona could be drawn into a high-scoring affair. In such a scenario, expect Nick Schmaltz to feature prominently, particularly alongside star Clayton Keller. Schmaltz has been a standout performer for the Coyotes during their rough patch, registering 8 points in his last 14 games. Look for Schmaltz and the Coyotes’ top line to ramp up their offensive efforts as they strive to keep pace with the Hurricanes.

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