The Bet Club $BCLUB 1/31/2024: XSpaces Report

Welcome all to what is another big week or two coming up for The Bet Club. Here are the report highlights for those who could not listen are;

The Fantasy Sport Platform is ready, first game being prepped. Your first opportunity to play, win and earn with $BCLUB utility. If you do not play or follow sports, that is ok, simply share to support and earn. Easy!

Our very first Token Utility so let’s go big on it. STAY TUNED.

Power UP Your Riches – Rewards Platform for Multi-Tiered

The multi-tiered Rewards Platform is being fine-tuned, trialled and trained. The reward possibilities are frigging insane. The easiest way to describe it is Affiliate rewards on steroids.. or rewards multiplied.

Active or Passive there is a massive opportunity. Play, entertainment, social engagement, rewards, bonuses, syndicate betting and more.

Content Management on Blockchain

This rewards platform is a full content management system on the blockchain – fair, transparent and auto rewards!!!!

It is ready and due to be launched before or at the time of ETH Token and scheduled for 14 Feb OR earlier.

ETH Token $BET is Coming Fast!

$BCLUB gets you a whitelist spot guaranteed and the cheapest possible price entry. Before we get to ETH Token, we have more callers and a huge Binance AMA – this hits target BSC people between the eyes, we are pushing to get everything live that we can by then.

Roadmap to the Moon

The $1M market is incoming and just the beginning, imagine when 240 holders become 2400 (could be this just when the OGs join us), then 24000 or more… there is your 100x right there.

We had 33,000 and a $130m market cap at SGO and this is a far far far bigger opportunity at the start of the Crypto Bullrun, not the End.

Built It and They Will Come

We are building it and they are coming… my inbox and Corey’s inbox, chart and socials can. tell you that. Imagine when these things collide with utility, gameplay, and sustainable revenues! KAFKN boom.

Social Betting Reinvented, Decentralized Power, Own Your Victories, Share YOur Story and Get Your Rewards.

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