The Bet Club NFL Power Rankings for Week 6 of The 2023/24 Season


1. San Francisco 49ers (No Change)

   – We asserted last week that the 49ers had rightfully earned their top rank, and their performance on Sunday reaffirmed it. With a league-leading point differential of +99 after five games, they average a winning margin of 19.8 points. There are lingering concerns about Deshaun Watson’s health, but the sportsbooks have now joined the bandwagon, designating the 49ers as their Super Bowl favorites.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (Up 1)

   – The undefeated Eagles may not exhibit the dynamism we anticipated, but their unwavering winning streak grants them a deserved rise in the rankings. With the Bills stumbling this week, the Eagles have secured their spot. They are currently third in Super Bowl betting across most sportsbooks, although their shared conference with the 49ers could pose a challenge later in the year.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (Up 1)

   – The Chiefs maintain a 4-1 record and anticipate discovering higher gears. They hold their breath about Travis Kelce’s ankle injury and have two matches against the Broncos in the next three weeks. If Kelce requires a break, this period might be opportune. Oddsmakers retain their faith, ranking them second in Super Bowl betting.

4. Buffalo Bills (Down 2)

   – The Bills have legitimate reasons for their loss to the Jaguars this week. Their late arrival in London presented a questionable decision, particularly against a team in their second week overseas. Now 3-2, the Bills are fortunate to retain a top-four spot. Most sportsbooks place them and the Dolphins in the fourth and fifth positions, albeit in different orders.

5. Detroit Lions (Up 3)

   – While we’ve been cautious not to be overly exuberant in ranking the Lions, their three consecutive victories by at least 14 points have earned them a closer position to the top teams. Upcoming back-to-back road games against the Buccaneers and Ravens will be revealing. FanDuel remains somewhat skeptical, ranking the Lions eighth in its Super Bowl market, but other books have placed them within the top six.

6. Miami Dolphins (Down 1)

   – This is a rare instance of a team that won experiencing a decline in the rankings, primarily to accommodate the Lions. The Dolphins’ loss to the Bills no longer looks as favorable, especially after the lower-ranked Jaguars managed to overcome them. Miami’s victories against the Giants, Broncos, and Patriots don’t hold as much weight.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars (Up 3)

   – The Jaguars, fresh from a 2-0 stint in their London home, recorded victories against the Falcons and Bills. Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne, Calvin Ridley, and Christian Kirk are starting to find their groove. The sportsbooks remain cautiously optimistic, ranking them around the 10th spot in Super Bowl odds.

8. Baltimore Ravens (Down 1)

   – Despite losing to the Steelers, the Ravens have only slipped one position in our rankings. Their capacity to win could have allowed them a 20- or 30-point margin in that game if they had managed to catch a few more passes.

9. Seattle Seahawks (No Change)

   – With a bye week last week, the Seahawks prepare to face the Bengals, who have had time to rekindle their form.

10. Dallas Cowboys (Down 4)

    – In the words of Dak Prescott, the Cowboys have endured two humbling losses in the past three weeks. Given that their victories were against the Giants, Jets, and Patriots, their place in the top 10 appears tenuous.

11. Los Angeles Rams (Up 3)

Your weekly reminder that these are power rankings, not power standings, which means we can have teams that lost moving up as well as teams that won moving down. In this case, the Rams gave a good account of themselves against solid opposition in the Eagles, and with Cooper Kupp back in top form, they find themselves in a stronger position. Despite their 2-3 record, losses to the 49ers, Bengals, and Eagles aren’t the worst outcomes.

12. Los Angeles Chargers (Up 1)

The LA teams seem to have been shadowing each other in these rankings all season. The Chargers get a slight rise despite not playing this week.

13. Cleveland Browns (Down 2)

The Chargers’ ascent is a result of a precautionary drop for the Browns during their bye week. The uncertainty surrounding Deshaun Watson’s game-time decision not to play against the Ravens in Week 4 is alarming. Moreover, rumors suggest PJ Walker might become Cleveland’s third starting QB this season, raising questions about the team’s depth. Facing the formidable 49ers would be a tough challenge even if all players were available.

14. Cincinnati Bengals (Up 2)

The Bengals’ offense finally clicked as expected in their victory over the Cardinals, with Ja’Marr Chase proving his point about always being open. Joe Burrow’s precision in delivering the ball to him couldn’t have come at a better time. Their next three games against the Seahawks, 49ers, and Bills present a challenging gauntlet.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No Change)

The Buccaneers maintain their position from before their bye week. Despite leading the NFC South, they are only the third-favorite team in the division, just ahead of the Saints and Falcons in the standings.

16. Indianapolis Colts (Up 6)

The Colts face the loss of quarterback Anthony Richardson for a while but have a reliable replacement in Gardner Minshew, who has contributed to all three of their wins. Although they are considered the third favorites in the division, they hope to avoid a second AFC South loss to the Jaguars this week. Their chances could be bolstered if the Jags experience a slow readjustment to American time after their two-week holiday.

17. Minnesota Vikings (No Change)

The Vikings hold steady in their position after a commendable effort against the highly-ranked Chiefs. However, the potential loss of Justin Jefferson for a month or more could impact their standing in the coming weeks, despite the presence of reasonable alternatives in Jordan Addison and KJ Osborn. GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah might contemplate transitioning the 1-4 Vikings into full tank mode.

18. Green Bay Packers (Down 6)

The Packers let another winnable game slip away, this time against the Raiders on Monday Night Football. Their loss was disappointing, especially without RB Aaron Jones. They are now at +500 odds in the AFC North, with the Lions establishing a clear lead in the standings.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers (Up 2)

The Steelers hold a 3-2 record, boasting significant divisional wins against the Browns and Ravens. Their knack for summoning crucial defensive plays when needed has been a game-changer.

20. Houston Texans (Down 2)

The Texans appeared to be on the cusp of another great victory when CJ Stroud connected with Dalton Shultz for a go-ahead score in the final 2 minutes against Atlanta. Unfortunately, they let that victory slip away. Nevertheless, the Texans are optimistic about their draft acquisition, Stroud, who is showing promise.

21. New Orleans Saints (Up 4)

The Saints delivered a humiliating defeat to the Patriots in Foxborough, blanking them with a resounding 34-0 victory. However, the significance of this accomplishment remains uncertain, as New England had experienced consecutive underwhelming performances. While the Saints have climbed in the rankings, they have not made a dramatic leap.

22. Atlanta Falcons (Up 1)

Falcons quarterback Desmond Ridder had a better day against the Texans, and Atlanta’s promising performance suggests they can remain in contention for the playoffs. Their relatively softer schedule contributes to their favorable position in the rankings.

23. Las Vegas Raiders (Up 5)

We were compelled to grant the Raiders a notable boost, partly out of fear that Maxx Crosby might be in pursuit if we didn’t. Despite some questionable decisions by their head coach, the Raiders managed to secure a victory over the Packers and are poised for further progress with upcoming matchups against the Patriots and Bears.

24. New York Jets (No Change)

The Jets, despite their victory over the Broncos, do not see a change in their ranking. The wins of the three teams above them are considered more commendable. However, if the Jets can put an end to the Eagles’ unbeaten start this week, expect them to move up. They are at +245 odds at FanDuel for this matchup.

25. Tennessee Titans (Down 6)

The Titans have struggled to maintain consistency, failing to follow up a strong performance with another victory. Their timing couldn’t have been worse, as they suffered a loss while teams previously ranked below them performed well. Consequently, their odds in the AFC South have shifted to +380.

26. Washington Commanders (Down 6)

What were last week’s rankings for the 19th and 20th spots have now become this week’s 25th and 26th positions, as the Commanders were justifiably penalized for being the first team in nearly a year to lose to the Bears. A team with such defensive talent should not be allowing an average of 32 points per game.

27. Arizona Cardinals (Down 1)

The Cardinals have had four games in which they displayed reasonably good performance but ended up on the losing side, along with a win over the Cowboys that has lost some of its luster. The injury to RB James Conner provides an additional incentive for them to reconsider their strategy for the rest of the season.

28. New York Giants (Up 1)

The Giants’ rise in the rankings, along with the next team, is not a reflection of their own achievements but rather a consequence of the struggles of the team in the 30th position. The Giants’ defense, like many others, had no answers to counter Miami’s speed, a trend likely to continue.

29. Denver Broncos (Up 1)

Talk of significant changes is circulating in Denver, and a 1-4 record with a winless home record was not what was envisioned when the Broncos acquired head coach Sean Payton in exchange for a first-round draft pick. The Broncos appear to be running out of former employees to face each week.

30. New England Patriots (Down 3)

The Patriots, who have lost by a staggering 72-3 over the past two weeks, have resorted to benching Mac Jones, only for Bailey Zappe to deliver similarly disappointing results in the last two games.

31. Chicago Bears (Up 1)

While a single victory does not define a season, if the Bears can replicate their success against the Commanders when they face the Jefferson-less Vikings this week, they are likely to move up the rankings. They were in dire need of an improved performance and got it from DJ on Thursday Night Football.

32. Carolina Panthers (Down 1)

These are power rankings, not power standings, but for now, the league’s only 0-5 team deserves the last place. However, their situation could be worse, considering they don’t have to face the Dolphins’ offense until Sunday.

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