Top MLB Betting Picks 08-21-23: Keep the Streak Alive


The echoes of success reverberate through another fruitful day for The Bet Club, where the prowess of our MLB expert analyst team shines once more. Leading the charge was our resounding victory with a 3-star best bet selection on the Minnesota Twins, propelling our best bets record to an impressive 10-3 over the last 13 picks. This marks our third consecutive best bet triumph in the last four days, accompanied by three successful parlays in the same span. Noteworthy results from the diamond included a dramatic comeback by the Red Sox against the Yankees, the Giants prevailing over the Braves, and the Mariners orchestrating a sweep over the Astros, thus narrowing the gap in the AL West race.

Best MLB Bets Today 08-21-23

MLB Premier Pick: Giants vs. Phillies – NL Wild-Card Clash

As the MLB drama unfolds, Philadelphia prepares to welcome the San Francisco Giants to their home turf, setting the stage for a pivotal series that places two contenders perched atop the NL wild-card standings in the spotlight. Yet, with four other teams hot on their trail, comfort remains elusive within this electrifying race. Regrettably, the Phillies failed to bolster their position over the weekend, stumbling in 2 out of 3 contests against the Nationals. Meanwhile, the Giants navigated a challenging gauntlet, squaring off against formidable opponents including Atlanta, Tampa Bay, and Texas in consecutive series. Amidst these clashes, they emerged victorious in only 2 of 3 games each time. Eager to forecast the series opener on Monday night, I predict the Phillies will seize control.

The enigma at the heart of this contest centers around Aaron Nola, whose recent performance has veered from his customary reliability. The disconcerting trend of surrendering 4 or more runs in 3 of his last 4 starts begs the question of whether Nola can arrest this regression or, conversely, if he will steer his trajectory back to its accustomed path. His propensity for amassing strikeouts remains a beacon of consistency, and in his most recent outing, it was not the 4 hits but rather the 4 walks that marred his record. With the Giants standing as a high-strikeout adversary, my faith in Nola’s ability swells. San Francisco, opting for an opener strategy, designates Sean Manaea as their primary pitcher. A southpaw-heavy approach seems evident in a bid to nullify the threats posed by Schwarber and Harper. Alas, this strategy’s efficacy often wanes, and my confidence in its success is scant. I opt for Nola, renowned for his propensity for strikeouts, to dominate against a team that ranks third in the league for whiffing. Anchored in this rationale, I wager on the Philadelphia offensive arsenal to muster sufficient potency to clinch the victory.

MLB Pick: Phillies ML (-150)

As the anticipation mounts and the duel approaches, this strategic selection aligns with my projection that the Phillies will triumph, guided by the stalwart Aaron Nola’s pursuit of a redemptive performance against a formidable foe.

MLB Picks: YRFI & NRFI Best Bets: Braves Unleash Familiar Tactics

The curtain rises on the week in Major League Baseball with a tantalizing menu of 10 games gracing the stage on Monday. Within the National League, a pivotal series with far-reaching implications for the wild-card race takes center stage as the San Francisco Giants venture into Philadelphia. Additionally, the schedule offers intriguing matchups such as the Mets taking on the Braves, the Red Sox confronting the Astros, and the Rangers engaging the Diamondbacks.

Best MLB Bet YRFI/NRFI Today

The allure of the YRFI/NRFI market has surged within baseball betting circles. After all, one need not endure a prolonged three-hour wait (or perhaps much less, given the evolving pace of games) to ascertain the fate of one’s wager. Gratification or, in certain instances, consternation is instantaneous—thanks to the swift resolution offered by the first inning.

Here are my preferred YRFI/NRFI plays for Monday, a realm in which our insights are complemented by an array of MLB selections to explore.

Boston Red Sox vs Houston Astros: MLB YRFI Pick (-113)

Anticipate early action on the scoreboard, with both teams—likely one, if not both—crossing the plate in the initial frame. Boston’s initial foray into this clash pits them against Houston’s right-hander, Cristian Javier. The inaugural two months of the 2023 season bore fruit for Javier; alas, his performance has plummeted since. Embroiled in a tumultuous spiral, the 26-year-old endured a 5.79 ERA in June, a 6.86 ERA in July, and an ongoing ordeal in August with a 5.65 ERA over three starts. His trajectory last month saw him concede three first-inning runs to Tampa Bay, a disheartening sequence replicated at the commencement of this month against the Yankees.

James Paxton, entrusted with the mound for the Red Sox, will face the Astros. Houston’s familiarity with Paxton and their history of success against him, particularly among the upper echelons of their lineup, stands as testament. Jose Altuve’s prowess in this matchup manifests in a .324 batting average across 34 at-bats, punctuated by 2 home runs and a double. Alex Bregman wields a .281 average in 32 at-bats. With Altuve exhibiting a .435 batting average over the last week and Bregman unleashing 2 homers in the preceding 4 games, prospects seem favorable for their continued excellence against Paxton. The YRFI prop, priced at a compelling -113, exudes formidable value.

New York Mets vs Atlanta Braves: MLB YRFI Pick (-145)

In the arena of YRFI/NRFI analysis, the Braves occupy a unique perch. While odds of -145 would typically merit caution, this cautionary stance dissolves in the context of the Braves. The expense, though noteworthy, is justifiable considering David Peterson of the Mets, sporting a lackluster 3-7 record with a 5.45 ERA and 1.65 WHIP for the season. An impeccable track record against Peterson augments the Braves’ case, as exemplified by Ronald Acuna Jr.’s home run off him and Austin Riley’s impressive 8-for-18 (.444) performance coupled with 3 doubles. Atlanta’s prolific first-inning output, hovering around one run per opening frame, dwarfs the competition, as no other team eclipses the 0.74 mark (a distinction shared by the Dodgers, with Houston ranking third at 0.69).

A twist of fate could see the Mets seize victory before the Braves even step up to bat. The incipient success of 28-year-old rookie Allan Winans paints a promising picture; however, his third major-league start beckons, accompanied by an upswing in the Mets’ offensive potency. Triumphing in 6 of their last 8 games and boasting an uncanny propensity for generating runs during this span, the Mets are poised to leapfrog their prior struggles. Evidently reliant on Atlanta’s performance, it wouldn’t be beyond reason for the Mets to secure the victory.

Top MLB Player Prop Bet of the Day: Alec Bohm’s Power

Following a weekend replete with MLB action, Monday unveils a 10-game slate characterized by clashes between potential playoff contenders. Amidst this exhilarating backdrop, we cast our gaze upon the marquee NL duel—the Philadelphia Phillies hosting the San Francisco Giants. At the forefront of our player prop bets stands Alec Bohm, an adept adversary of left-handed pitching. Join us in delving into this standout MLB player prop bet for the day, and while you’re at it, peruse our comprehensive MLB forecasts for all matchups on the docket.

Alec Bohm (PHI) over 1.5 hits + runs + RBIs (-125)

Presenting a critical cog in the Phillies’ success, Alec Bohm’s proficiency from the 2-hole is paramount. Anchored by Kyle Schwarber, whose BB% ranks in the 99th percentile, and flanked by the powerhouses Bryce Harper and Nick Castellanos, Bohm is primed to find ample opportunities for crossing the basepaths and capitalizing on their might.

The stage is set for Bohm’s ascent as he readies himself to confront two southpaw pitchers—Scott Alexander and Sean Manaea—of the San Francisco Giants. Bohm’s prowess against left-handers is evident, with a .320 batting average, 7 home runs, and a modest 16% strikeout rate. His proficiency against lefties is all the more remarkable given his notably lower at-bat count compared to right-handers.

Scott Alexander’s metrics place him in the 24th percentile for expected batting average, while Sean Manaea yields an alarming .800 OBP against right-handed hitters. Although the Phillies experienced a hiccup in yesterday’s Little League Classic, this seasoned offense is poised to rebound in their most pivotal series thus far. The prop bet, anchored at a reasonable -125 price point, holds tremendous value.

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As we embrace the unfolding of this enthralling MLB journey, let these insights guide your wagering endeavors on this dynamic Monday slate. For a wealth of MLB insights, venture into The Bet Clubhouse. Explore MLB Prop Bets, MLB Parlays, and our experts’ premier MLB Best Bets. Enhance your betting enjoyment, experience with gain expert guidance.

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