Unlocking the World of Parlay Betting: Your Comprehensive Parlay Guide


Parlay betting is a widely embraced method of sports wagering, especially favored by recreational bettors. If you’ve ever wondered about the ins and outs of parlays, such as what they are, how they work, strategies to win, and the best sportsbooks for parlay betting, this guide has you covered. We’ll delve into the fascinating realm of parlay betting, answering all your burning questions.

Demystifying Parlay Bets

Parlay Bets Explained

The fundamental question to address is, “What is a parlay?” Simply put, a parlay combines multiple individual selections into a single wager. The catch is that for your parlay bet to succeed, every one of your selections must win. If just one selection loses, your entire wager is lost.

You can create parlays with as few as two selections or as many as 10-15, depending on the sportsbook’s rules. As you add more selections, your potential payout increases, but so does the difficulty of winning. This is why parlays are a hit among recreational bettors seeking heightened excitement with a limited investment.

The Mechanics of Parlays

How do parlays work?

To grasp how parlays function, consider that you can combine a minimum of two and typically up to 10 selections into a parlay, depending on the sportsbook’s policies. These selections can span various sports and bet types. Reputable sportsbooks even offer same-game parlays, although restrictions may apply to selections from the same match.

As you include more selections, your potential winnings grow, offering a chance to transform a modest wager into a substantial reward. Since single bets often yield modest payouts, parlays provide an attractive option to bet with a small stake while aiming for substantial gains.

Strategies for Winning Parlay Bets

How to win a parlay bet

In the realm of parlay betting, success is the name of the game. However, winning becomes increasingly challenging as you add more selections. Let’s explore some essential strategies to enhance your chances of winning parlay bets.

1. Don’t Overload Your Parlays: The fundamental advice for effective parlay betting is to avoid including too many selections. Sticking to two or three-team parlays is generally advisable, with four or five being the upper limit unless you’re primarily betting for fun. The more selections you add, the greater the odds become against you. Consider accompanying parlays with individual bets to mitigate losses.

2. Embrace Same-Game Parlays: While not universally available, many reputable sportsbooks permit same-game parlays in specific situations. Seek correlated same-game bets that align with your insights. For instance, you might combine an over/under bet with a team to win if you anticipate a high-scoring match.

3. Hunt for the Best Odds and Promotions: Given the inherent risk of parlay betting, it’s crucial to shop around at different sportsbooks for the best odds and this is another benefit that The Bet Club will be providing, as even slight variations in odds can significantly impact your potential payout, win or loss. Additionally, we will take advantage of parlay promotions, like parlay insurance, when available, as they can enhance your return on investment.

4. Master Bankroll Management: Managing your bankroll effectively is vital, especially in parlay betting, where losses are common. Never wager more than you can comfortably afford to lose. Keeping your bets consistent with your risk tolerance is key to long-term success.

Cracking the Code of Parlay Odds

How do parlay odds work?

In essence, parlay odds can be summarized by stating that the more selections you include, the higher your potential winnings. However, let’s delve deeper into the specifics. As you add legs to a parlay, the odds increase exponentially, offering lucrative payouts. Here’s a table showcasing odds, true odds, and payouts for two to ten-team parlays.

Number of SelectionsOddsTrue OddsPayout on a $100 Bet
2-Team Parlay13/53/1$360
3-Team Parlay6/17/1$700
4-Team Parlay11/115/1$1,200
5-Team Parlay22/131/1$2,300
6-Team Parlay45/163/1$4,600
7-Team Parlay90/1127/1$9,100
8-Team Parlay180/1255/1$18,000
9-Team Parlay360/1511/1$36,000
10-Team Parlay720/11023/1$72,000

Notably, the true odds are significantly longer than the odds at which you are paid, illustrating the increasing unlikelihood of success as you add legs to your parlay.

Exploring Round Robin Parlays and Teasers

What are round robin parlays?

Round robin parlays allow you to broaden your selection of bets and combine them into multiple smaller parlays. For instance, if you have three teams you wish to bet on, a round robin creates three individual parlays encompassing all possible combinations.

What are teasers?

Teasers are a variation of parlays that offer higher chances of winning but with reduced rewards. When you bet a teaser, you adjust the lines on multiple parlay selections in your favor by a predetermined margin. For example, in an NFL game where the Eagles are -4.5 favorites and the Giants are +4.5 underdogs, a six-point teaser could transform the Eagles into +1.5 underdogs and the Giants into +10.5 underdogs, increasing your likelihood of winning these bets.

Placing Your Parlay Bets

How to bet a parlay

Betting a parlay is a straightforward process. Access a reputable sportsbook through your computer or mobile device, select your preferred sport, find a game, and choose a bet. You can pick futures, props, or any single selection to include in your parlay.

Once you’ve added multiple selections to your bet slip, you’ll have the option to bet them as a parlay. Continue adding selections as desired, specify your wager amount, and the bet slip will display your potential winnings.

If you prefer placing parlays at a physical sportsbook, visit the betting window and inform the ticket writer about your selections and desired wager amount. They will provide you with a betting ticket detailing your choices, bet amount, and potential winnings. Some retail sportsbooks also offer parlay cards you can fill out and submit to the ticket writer. Betting kiosks may be available at certain locations, where you can follow on-screen prompts to create your parlay and submit your wager.

Discovering the Best Sportsbooks for Parlay Bets

Best sportsbook for parlay bets

While our top recommended sportsbooks provide outstanding parlay betting opportunities, several other reputable options deserve consideration. Stake.com, FanDuel, Bet365, PointsBet, Unibet, and DraftKings Sportsbook stand among the best. These platforms (and others) offer an extensive selection of sports and bet types, user-friendly parlay builders, and a broader range of same-game parlay options. Frequent parlay promotions and competitive odds make these sportsbooks attractive choices for parlay enthusiasts.

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Ideal Sports for Parlay Betting

Best sports for parlay betting

Parlay betting thrives in sports with high popularity and frequent games, offering ample opportunities for combining selections. Here are some top sports for parlay betting:

  1. NFL Parlay Betting: The NFL, being the most popular sport in the US, provides an ideal platform for parlay betting. With games typically occurring on Sundays, NFL parlays offer an excellent way to infuse excitement into your football viewing experience.
  2. NBA Parlay Betting: NBA games happen frequently, making it the second most popular sport for parlay betting in the US. The abundance of games allows you to explore various betting options, particularly lucrative player props.
  3. MLB Parlay Betting: Baseball boasts an extensive 162-game season with daily matchups, making it a prime choice for parlay enthusiasts. Building parlays around MLB props, such as pitcher strikeout totals or home run predictions, can yield exciting results.
  4. NHL Parlay Betting: While not as popular in the US as other major sports, hockey fans relish the opportunity to wager on NHL games. The daily occurrence of hockey games throughout the season offers multiple chances for parlay betting, particularly on puck line and money line bets.

In conclusion, parlay betting introduces an exhilarating dimension to sports wagering, allowing you to turn modest investments into substantial rewards. Whether you’re drawn to the excitement of NFL Sundays or the fast-paced action of the NBA, parlay betting has something to offer in a variety of sports. As you venture into this dynamic betting realm, remember to employ sound strategies, manage your bankroll wisely, and explore the best sportsbooks to optimize your parlay betting experience.

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