Week 12 NFL Best Bet Picks, Odds, and Expert Predictions


After a thrilling Thanksgiving and Black Friday, The Bet Club football enthusiasts gear up for another exciting Sunday with 11 matchups to enjoy and one Monday Night Football special to complete the round. Our experts, maintain an impressive 36-25 record, are look to improve upon that with Week 12 NFL Best Bet Picks, Odds, and Expert Predictions. Let us enhance your NFL Sunday experience and hopefully your pocket with carefully selected best bets, prop bets, anytime touchdown scorers as we look to bolster your bankroll by +18.24 units of profit this season.

Best NFL Bets Picks for Week 12

NFL Pick: New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons Over 42 (-110)

Anticipate an offensive showcase as the Saints clash with the Falcons. Despite their defensive strengths, both teams aim to elevate their offensive prowess. With Desmond Ridder back, the Falcons’ offense gains freedom, and creative play designs are expected. The motivation is high as the winner takes command of the NFC South. In a potential regression game, the over 42 is a tempting play.

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NFL Pick: Tennessee Titans -3.5 over Carolina Panthers (-110)

The Titans, coming off three consecutive road losses, present a buy-low opportunity. Will Levis, the rookie quarterback, now faces a 1-9 Panthers team at home. With DeAndre Hopkins rejuvenated and a solid home-field advantage, the Titans are poised for success. Meanwhile, the Panthers have struggled, especially on the road, making the Titans -3.5 an appealing choice.

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NFL Pick: Los Angeles Chargers +3.5 over Baltimore Ravens (-110)

In a strategic move, back the Chargers against the Ravens. Despite Baltimore’s prowess, the absence of tight end Mark Andrews could impact their offensive dynamics. The Chargers, in a now-or-never situation, aim to keep their season alive. With home-field advantage and Justin Herbert’s capabilities, the Chargers are poised to cover the spread and potentially surprise the Ravens.

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NFL Week 12 Prop Bets: The Tank Dell Show on this Sunday

Elevate your excitement with four touchdown scorer picks for Week 12, each offering plus odds for enhanced value. Targeting wide receivers and a tight end, these prop bets add an extra layer of anticipation to the Sunday matchups.

Best NFL Week 12 Player Prop Bet Picks & Predictions

NFL Pick: Kyren Williams (LAR) Over 60.5 Rushing Yards (-113)

Activated off the injured reserve, Kyren Williams returns to face a vulnerable Cardinals defense. With recent success against Arizona and a favorable matchup, Williams, coming off a few over 60-yard performances, is positioned to surpass the modest 60.5 rushing yards line.

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NFL Pick: Russell Wilson (DEN) Under 187.5 Passing Yards (-113)

Facing the formidable Cleveland defense, Russell Wilson’s resurgence might face a setback. With consistent pressure and limited time in the pocket, Wilson is likely to fall short of the 187.5 passing yards line. Recent performances against the Browns’ defense indicate a challenging day for Wilson.

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NFL Week 12 Touchdown Scorer Picks

Featuring enticing odds, these touchdown scorer picks for Week 12 promise an electrifying showcase of offensive prowess.

NFL Pick: Tank Dell, RB, HOU (+170)

Tank Dell, emerging as C.J. Stroud’s favorite target, boasts an impressive streak of 20 catches, 319 yards, and 4 touchdowns in the last three weeks. Facing a struggling Tennessee secondary, Dell’s chemistry with Stroud positions him as a strong contender for another touchdown.

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NFL Pick: Michael Pittman, WR, IND (+160)

Exploiting the weaknesses of the Buccaneers’ secondary, Michael Pittman stands out as a prime target for the Colts. Leading in targets and receptions, Pittman’s consistent performance, combined with the vulnerability of Tampa Bay’s defense, positions him favorably for a touchdown.

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NFL Pick: Dalton Kincaid, TE, BUF (+175)

Emerging as a rising star in Buffalo, Dalton Kincaid benefits from increased attention due to Stefon Diggs. With a favorable matchup against the Eagles and their vulnerability against tight ends, Kincaid, with impressive recent stats, offers enticing odds to find the end zone.

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NFL Pick: Odell Beckham Jr., WR, BAL (+220)

With Mark Andrews sidelined, Odell Beckham Jr. steps into a prominent role for the Ravens. Coming off a standout performance, Beckham Jr. leads the team in targets and yards. Facing the Chargers’ vulnerable secondary, he presents an excellent opportunity to continue his impressive form.

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Immerse yourself in the excitement of Week 12 with these carefully curated best bets and prop predictions, aiming to maximize your enjoyment and potential winnings.

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